On October 18, (20th) CHINA MINING Conference and exhibition 2018 opened in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center of Tianjin. The theme of this session is "New Pattern of Opening, New Model for cooperation", which highlights the new climate, new ideas and new experiences of global mining cooperation.

 “I hope Chinese companies can visit Argentina.”

“Without exception, CHINA MINING of each year has promoted important cooperation between Argentina and Chinese mining companies. Last year, Argentina brought 6 copper projects to the conference. And this year we brought 20, including those of gold, silver and lithium mines.“

On October 18, Geo-Cloud 2.0 was launched online by the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources at CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2018.

Geo-Cloud 2.0 comprehensively upgraded cloud data and system functions.

TIANJIN, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- The China Mining Resources Report 2018 was released Thursday at the ongoing China Mining Conference and Exhibition in Tianjin, showing that China's oceanic natural gas hydrate is estimated to be 80 billions of oil equivalent.

In order to promote its transformation and upgrading, CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2018 successfully held Mining with Internet Plus Forum, which explored the application of openness, equality, and interaction of Internet in mining industry,

(By chief reporter Wang Shaoyong, reporter Wu Gang, Xinhua News Agency) On Oct. 18, CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2018 (20th Session) opened in Tianjin. With the theme of “New Pattern of Opening, New Model for Cooperation”, CHINA MINING 2018 provided a top platform of dialogue,

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