Traffic Guide

Dear Guests:

  CHINA MINING organizing committee will adjust traffic services during the period of CHINA MINING 2019. The new traffic services will effectively use transportation network and all kinds of vehicles to form intelligent trip modes to improve transportation efficiency and security assurance for all guests. There will be no pick-up services from airport and railway station to Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center.

  We have made the following traffic lines and trip modes for you in order to let you enjoy more excellent and exquisite services. We hope it will bring convenience for you. You could check traffic lines and other traffic services during the period of CHINA MINING 2019 through CHINA MINING’s official website, we-chat.

  CHINA MINING 2019 sincerely looks forward to your arrival and wishes you a safe trip. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. See you soon!

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How to arrive at Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center(Route Guidance)

Attachments:1.The Beijing-Tianjin intercity train schedules

        2.Shuttle Schedule of Beijing Capital Int’l Airport – Tianjin West Bus Station

        3.The Regulations on the Restriction of Traffic for Non-Local Vehicles during the event

        4.Hotel Shuttle Bus Timetable during CHINA MINING 2019


Shuttle Bus Schedule (From Hotels to the Venue)

From Hotels to the Venue

Shuttle Bus Schedule (From the Venue)

From the Venue 1