Sponsors of CHINA MINING 2020

(Note: All diamond, platinum and gold sponsors are listed according to the initial alphabetical order of the company name.)

Major Sponsors

Diamond Sponsor

China Minmetals Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Minmetals) was established as the result of a strategic recombination of two Fortune Global 500 companies – the former China Minmetals and the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC). China Minmetals, an important state-owned backbone enterprise with metallic minerals as its core business, is directly managed by the central government. It is a pilot enterprise for state-owned capital investment companies. In 2020, it ranked 92th among the Fortune Global 500 companies. Headquartered in Beijing, China Minmetals has eight listed companies, including MCC (601618.SH, 1618.HK) publically listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Minmetals Capital (600390.SH), Minmetals Rare Earth (000831.SZ), Minmetals Development (600058.SH), China Tungsten High-tech (000657.SZ), and Zhuzhou Smelter Group (600961.SH), as well as Minmetals Resources (1208.HK) and Minmetals Land (0230.HK). By the end of 2019, the company had managed RMB2.16 trillion of assets, including RMB 929.5 billion in total assets. Overseas institutions, resource projects, and construction projects are located in more than 60 countries and regions across the world.

Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. ("Zijin" or "the Company") is a leading mining company mainly engaged in the exploration and mining of gold, copper and other mineral resources. The company is dual-listed in Hong Kong H shares and Shanghai A shares. Zijin’s asset size, revenue and accumulated profit and tax have all exceeded RMB 130 billion (US$19 billion). Zijin is among the most profitable and competitive mining companies with the largest metal mineral resources in China. Zijin ranked the 778th in the list of “Forbes Global 2000” in 2020, of which 9th among the global non-ferrous mining corporations, 3rd among the global gold corporations. According to Fortune in 2020, the Company ranked 77th in Fortune China 500.

As the Company’s key mineral types, mineral resource reserves and mine production of gold, copper and zinc have ranked top 3 in domestic mining sector. The Company owns significant mining investment projects in 14 provinces (regions) domestically and 11 countries overseas including a list of large production mijinines like Fujian Zijinshan Gold and Copper Mine, Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Mine, Porgera Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea, Kolwezi Copper and Cobalt Mine in the DR Congo, Bor Copper Mine in Serbia, Buriticá Gold Mine in Colombia and also some world-class super large-scale high-grade mines in construction such as Kamoa Copper Mine in DR Congo and Timok Copper and Gold Mine in Serbia. With the copper metal resource reserve as high as 43.69 million tonnes, Kamoa Copper Mine is the largest copper mine in Africa and 4th largest in the world. The overseas resource reserve and production volumes of gold, copper and zinc exceed or are close to half of the total volume of the Company, contributing to over one-third of the gross profit of the Company. The Company has become one of the Chinese enterprises owning the largest resource volumes of gold and non-ferrous metals, and produces the largest volume of metallic mineral products in Chinese mining industry.

Platinum Sponsors

Aluminum Corporation of China (Chinalco) is a key state-owned enterprise directly supervised by the central government. It is principally engaged in mineral resources development, nonferrous metals smelting and processing, related trading as well as engineering and technical services. It has grown into the world’s largest alumina producer and aluminum producer, and the biggest lead and zinc producer in Asia. It represents the strongest copper business in China. Besides, it is one of the major rare earth companies recognized by the government. Chinalco has 68 major subsidiaries operating in more than 20 countries and regions. Its total assets have grown to 650 billion yuan and its sales revenue in 2019 amounted to over 350 billion yuan. It has been ranked as a Fortune Global 500 company since 2008. Six of its controlled subsidiaries are listed at home and abroad.

Committed to the new development philosophy and pursuing better quality, higher efficiency, and more robust drivers of growth through reform, Chinalco adopts a strategy of reasonably controlling the upstream, optimizing the midstream, and developing the downstream by leaps and bounds. We will strengthen and optimize four core businesses including aluminum, copper, rare earths, lead and zinc, expedite the shift to the upper stream of the industrial chain in four major sectors (aluminum, copper, rare earths and lead zinc) and to the high end of the value chain of aluminum and copper fabricating. We will create a new landscape of quality development. Besides, secure the supply of strategic mineral resources and the materials for the national defense industry. While aiming to build a world-class company with international competitiveness, we will strive to add value for shareholders, increase benefits for the company and raise income for our employees, thus pioneering a new chapter of Chinalco in achieving the Chinese Dream.

BOCI was one of the first investment banks established in China and is one of the biggest and strongest China-invested banks in overseas markets. BOCI has a leading position in the Hong Kong capital market in terms of overall competitiveness, thanks to its comprehensive cross-border investment banking services platform that ranks at the forefront among Chinese investment banks, and to its internationalized investment banking framework that upholds best practices in the industry.

BOCI was incorporated in Hong Kong on 10 July 1998, and its predecessor, China Development Finance Company (HK) Limited, was established in 1979. Having grown and prospered during the wave of China’s reforms and opening-up over the past 41 years, BOCI has proved itself to be a trusted expert in the mainland market with deep insight into local conditions and a strong grasp of international regulations.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, New York and Singapore, BOCI provides clients with a full range of investment banking products and services in both mainland China and overseas capital markets, including share issuance, merger and acquisition, bond issuance, fixed-income, private banking, private equity, global commodities, asset management, equity derivatives, and leveraged and structured financing. It is one of the very few Chinese investment banks capable of providing international one-stop services in both the mainland China and Hong Kong markets.

BANK OF TIANJIN CO., LTD (“Bank of Tianjin”), is a company listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange with stock code 1578, is headquartered in Tianjin. By the end of 2019, the public registered capital was CNY6.071 billion, and the owner’s equity was CNY51.177 billion. In the ownership structure, domestic-funded corporate services account for 65.54%, H shares account for 29.07%, and domestic-funded natural person account for 5.39%.

The main shareholders includes Tianjin Free Trade Zone Investment Co., Ltd with a shareholding of 15.92%; Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Co., Ltd with a shareholding of 11.95%;Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holding Ltd with a shareholding of 8.02%;CSSC International Holding Company Limited with a shareholding of 4.99%;Tianjin Jinrong Investment Service Group Co., Ltd with a shareholding of 1.93%.

Bank of Tianjin was formerly a city credit cooperative. In November 1996, with the approval of the People‘s Bank of China, it was established as “Tianjin Urban cooperative Bank”,which is consist of 65 urban credit cooperatives, and become one of the first five approved urban cooperative banks. In August 1998, according to the requirement of the State Council, it was renamed as “Tianjin city commercial bank”. In 2006, ANZ bank was introduced as overseas strategic investor. In February 2007, with the approval of China banking regulatory Commission, it was renamed as ”Bank of Tianjin” and allowed to operate across regions. First class branches were set up in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Shanghai, Jinan and Chengdu, and changed from local banks to regional joint-stock banks. In March 2016, it was listed in Hong Kong and become the listed company with the highest raised funds and largest assets of IPO in Tianjin.

By the end of 2019, Bank of Tianjin has one sales department, six central branches, seven tier-one branches and six tier-two branches, with total of 226 business organizations. Invested in the establishment of Tianjin Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jizhou village bank and seven Jinhui village bank in Ningxia and Xinjiang Autonomous Region, covering Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and important cities in the central and western regions.


Shandong Gold Group (SD-Gold) was founded in 1996. Its industrial layout involves 13 provinces (districts and cities) in China, and has built overseas business platforms in Argentina, Australia, Canada and other countries. For three consecutive years, it ranked first in China's gold production, and ranked 10th in the world's gold production enterprises in 2019. The group's 4 mines are ranked as "China's top 10 gold mines" and "China's top 10 gold mines in terms of economic benefits". 21 mines have been awarded "national green mines". It is the only enterprise in China with three mines with cumulative gold production exceeding 100 tons. We have successfully carried out the first deep drilling for rock gold exploration in China, and discovered Xiling gold mine, China's largest single gold deposit, and nanlvxinmu gold mine, a 100 ton super large gold mine. The reserve of gold resources is more than 2000 tons, and the total value of various mineral resources has exceeded one trillion yuan. We have completed the listing layout of a + H and successfully taken the first step in the international capital market. Actively participate in global mining resources allocation, become a formal member of the world gold association, and cooperate with Barrick gold company to develop Veladero gold mine, the largest gold mine in Argentina. We will build ecological mining industry, invest 500 million yuan to build an international first-class demonstration mine, take the lead in marching into a new era of tailless and waste free, and become the first batch of mines to enter the era of 5G intelligent mining.

Gold Sponsors

China Gold Group Co., Ltd. (“China Gold”) is the only central enterprise in China's gold industry. It is the president unit of China Gold Association and the first board member of the World Gold Association in China, and one of the first batch of "Shanghai gold" reference price member units. Its predecessor is China Gold Corporation, which was established in 1979, and has long been responsible for the development of my country’s gold industry as an industry authority.

The main business of China Gold includes: development, smelting, processing and trade of precious metal and associated metal resources; irradiation processing industry; related engineering and technical services. At present, China Gold has developed into a large mining company integrating geological exploration, mining, mineral processing and smelting, product refining, processing and sales, scientific research and development, engineering design and construction, with a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of gold. The company's gold resource reserves, refined gold output, market share of gold investment products, gold dressing and metallurgy technology level, and physical gold trading volume of comprehensive members of Shanghai Gold Exchange ranked first in the domestic industry for a long time.

Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated group company specialized in mining, deep-processing & high-tech, financial and collaborative industry four main sectors. It owns 60 billion RMB yuan of total assets, 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 10 holding subsidiaries and 12 joint stock companies. Zhaojin has already formed a complete gold industrial chain covering gold exploration, mining, ore dressing, smelting, refining, gold and silver products processing and marketing. It is the underground mining manufacturer with the lowest production costs as well as the largest gold smelter in China. Zhaojin Mining Industry Corp.,Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhaojin Group, was successfully listed on the HKEx on Dec 8th, 2006, raising more than 2.5 billion of Hong Kong dollars. In 2019, Zhaojin realized sales income of RMB 65.7 billion. Over the years, Zhaojin has been constructing the mine as ecology landscape and managing the business as star-rated hotel, and has formed the environmentally-friendly concept of green environment coming before all wealth, which helps building Zhaojin into a eco-friendly, highly-efficient, safe and healthy, quartet-satisfied (i.e., employees, government, society, shareholders) company. Zhaojin has been listed as one of the country’s top 500 enterprises and one of the top 500 valuable brands for seventeen years,Its brand value has achieved 57.516 billion RMB yuan. The comprehensive strength of the company has been steadily enhanced

Founded in 1952, Tianjin North China Geological Exploration Bureau (Hereinafter called “Huakan”) had been formed with 2800 employees, which include 1800 professionals. With 70 years development, Huakan discovered more than 500 mines, delivered over 2000 exploration achievements. These assets facilitated the prospects of metallurgy and nonferrous metals industry of China. Served with the synergetic strategy in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Huakan also engaged in several “Grand Geology Plus” nonprofit activities. Further, instructed by “One belt one road”, the overseas subsidiaries of Huakan distributed over Southeast Asia, Midwest and North Africa. They constructed international projects, such as production gold mine in Laos, copper-cobalt deposit in Congo, and well-drilling project in water-deficient area. Huakan is ready to become the entity with competitiveness, non-replaceable, and positive social influences, under the new era.

Onsite Sponsors


Yushan County Sanshan Mining Co., Ltd was established in year 2005. The head office is located in the elegant environment Shangrao city which in the northeast of Jiangxi Province. It’s the Deputy Director of CMA-FIDA. We have very good reputation in this field. The business scope of the company is fluorite mining, processing and sales. And our chief Mineral products are acid-grade fluorspar powder, metallurgical grade fluorite ore block. We own two factories, one named YUSHAN DINGWU MINING, another named YUSHAN ZIHU flotation mill. Four related factories, named GUANGFENG SANSHAN MINING;HENGFENG JINXING MINING;JIANGXI HUAYUAN MINING and YIYANG HUAYING MINING(flotation mill ). The mines owned by the company are located in the high quality fluorite vein zone of China with rich reserves. The fluorite powder produced by the company is of all high quality and enjoyed great popularity from abroad and domestic. Our company has been adhering to the "law-abiding norms, good faith management, take the road of sustainable development" concept, from beginning to end attention to safety, environmental protection, quality and other aspects of work construction. We warmly welcome people from all over the world to come to guide us and discuss cooperation.

Beijing Petrosound Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in high precision seismic exploration and data processing interpretation, development and sales of high precision seismic digital acquisition station and other services. Petrosound company's original "seismic frequency resonance exploration technology", with high precision, strong anti-interference ability, economic and environmental advantages .The technology has been widely used in mineral exploration, geological disasters, urban underground space and other fields, and achieved remarkable results in geological exploration, such as geological body division, fault structure search, cavity identification, pipeline tracking, fracturing detection and so on. At present, many provincial geological exploration units and research institutes have used this technology, and the users have all reflected a good response.