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Themed as “Multilateral cooperation — for development and prosperity of post-pandemic era “, China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2021 (CHINA MINING 2021), which is the 23rd event hosted by China Mining Association and organized by Tianjin Minexpo Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Tianjin on October 21-23, 2021. Affected by the epidemic of COVID-19, this session continued to be held in a combination of "online + offline", and on the basis of the previous cloud platform, offline entities will be resumed to hold conference and exhibition.

CHINA MINING 2021 consists of five parts: opening ceremony, forums, exhibition, "country promotion" and coherent featured activities. The content of relevant offline activities is synchronously live broadcast online through the newly built "China Mining Conference and Exhibition Cloud Platform" (hereinafter referred to as "Cloud Platform").The theme and content setting highlight the president Xi Jinping's concept of promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, and take the "the Belt and Road" mining international production capacity cooperation as the entry point, aiming to jointly build a new pattern of mining international cooperation in the post epidemic era and jointly promote the development and prosperity of global mining through communication and cooperation between countries and regions, industries and enterprises. The event is rich in content and has achieved remarkable results. It provides an important platform for domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions to grasp industry trends, obtain cutting-edge information and seek cooperation opportunities. It has been highly valued and praised by the mining industry at home and abroad.

This session attracted enterprises and delegations from 36 countries and regions including Argentina, Tanzania, Zambia and Sudan, etc. Among them, 6 foreign ministers (vice ministers), 3 provincial governors and 13 national geological survey directors (deputy directors) attended the meeting online. There were 6867 on-site registered participants and 11,668 online visitors. According to preliminary statistics, as of October 25, 84,764 people watched the contents of the event through the "Cloud Platform". Considering that one IP address can be watched by multiple people at the same time, it is estimated that the actual number of online viewers exceeds 100,000.

A total of 230 enterprises from home and abroad participated in the event, with 280 booths and an exhibition area of 30000 square meters. The exhibition contents include mining technology and equipment, mining and beneficiation/metallurgy, mining projects, geological survey and exploration, finance and third-party services etc. The exhibitors used naked-eye 3D, holographic projection, VR etc., to more intuitively display the technological innovation achievements such as smart mines and green mines, and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

Focusing on the theme of this session, as well as the new trends and changes in the development of the mining industry at home and abroad and the new requirements for international cooperation in the "Belt and Road" mining industry,, the event set up 1 theme forum, 20 sub-forums, 2 special promotion meetings for enterprises and 10 "country promotion". There were 113 on-site speakers, including 38 foreign speakers. In the forums, representatives of entrepreneurs and industry experts made speeches and discussions on topics such as green mining and sustainable development, market and situation analysis, mining investment environment and policy, capital market, corporate social responsibility, intelligent mining and innovative development, etc., presenting a number of high-level and professional views for the audience.

As a comprehensive online cloud platform integrating "conference + exhibition + promotion" specially created for China Mining Conference and Exhibition, the “China Mining Conference and Exhibition Cloud Platform” was officially launched during this session. It is an important measure of the event in dealing with the fight against COVID-19 and realizing "never ending". Through the "Cloud Platform", the exhibitors displayed the latest technologies, products, international cooperation achievements and project promotions, etc., more intuitively and comprehensively. The online negotiation function provides a 24-hour real-time online communication and cooperation platform for domestic and foreign enterprises.

The online "country promotion" activity is one of the important contents of this session. Mining ministers, diplomatic envoys and officials from 10 countries, including Argentina, Greece, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uruguay and Zambia, etc., made recommendations through the "Cloud Platform".

Envoys from nine countries including Argentina, Chile, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Tanzania, South Africa, Sudan, Indonesia, etc. in China, and nearly 400 representatives of natural resources system departments (bureaus), enterprises, financial institutions and industry associations at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony of the event. The Ministry of Natural Resources PRC released the China Mineral Resources 2021 at the exhibition site, which became a window to review the overall situation of China's mineral resources in the past year. At the meeting, the China Geological Survey released the Assessment Report for Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Tin and Potash Reserve in the World (2021), which is the first professional report formed by a Chinese research institution based on the independently established global mineral reserves data system. It provides important basic information products and services for the investment and operation of international mining enterprises, connection of global resource supply and demand, and cooperation and prosperity of the "the Belt and Road" in mining industry. At the same time, the "Global Mining Development Report (2020-2021)" was released at the forum, which is the world's first comprehensive analysis report on the development trend of mining industry since the COVID-19 outbreak, and an important research achievement of Chinese research institutions to serve the sustainable development of global mining industry. More than 130 journalists from 38 media including CCTV, China Daily, Guangming Daily, Sci.& Tech. Daily, China Government Network,, the portal website of the Ministry of Natural Resources PRC,, China Natural Resources News, China Mining News, China Nonferrous Metals News and China Gold News, etc., reported on the event.

As the premier international mining summit and mining expo, China Mining Conference and Exhibition will strive to grasp the development trend of global mining industry, unremittingly improve its service quality, and strive to build a more efficient platform for global mining exchange and cooperation, and help to build a new development pattern of mutual promotion of domestic and international "double circulation", and promote the cooperation of countries along the "Belt and Road" in mining industry, and promote the prosperity and sustainable development of international mining industry.

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The Hon. Ling Yueming, Vice Minister of Natural Resources PRC addressed in the Opening Ceremony of CHINA MINING 2021

Mr. Ling said in his speech that the global pandemic of COVID-19 epidemic and the world's unprecedented changes of the past century are intertwined. The uncertainty of the global economic recovery has risen significantly, and opportunities and challenges coexist in the international mining investment. On behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources China, Mr. Ling put forward three proposals: First, improve global mining governance and promote international cooperation. Multilateral cooperation is the correct way to establish a new pattern of international mining cooperation in the post-epidemic era. We should actively integrate into the global mining governance system, open up new paths for mining cooperation, seize opportunities for a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, promote mining transformation and upgrading and sustainable development, and build a community with a shared future for global mining. Second, respect trade policy rules and maintain development order. Persist in using the "golden key" of peace, development, and cooperation and win-win results to solve the current problems facing the world economy, international trade and investment, and build a community with a shared future for global development. Third, advocate green technological innovation and fulfill social responsibilities. To cope with climate change, we must vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Persist in the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and build a community with a shared future for life between man and nature.


Conference Program of CHINA MINING 2021

The Program of CHINA MINING 2021 ---Download (PDF) Here









China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2021

Opening Ceremony

chinamining 2021The Hon. Liao Guoxun, Mayor of Tianjin Municipal People‘s Government PRC

chinamining 2021The Hon. Ling Yueming, Vice Minister, Ministry of Natural Resources PRC

chinamining 2021H.E. Siyabonga Cyprian Cwele, Ambassador, South African Embassy to China

chinamining 2021Chair: Peng Qiming, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Mining Conference and Exhibition & President of China Mining Association

Keynote Session

chinamining 2021Wang Jionghui, Deputy General Manager, China Minmetals Corporation Limited

chinamining 2021Chen Jinghe, Chairman, Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021ZhangYongli, Chairman, Western Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Rohitesh Dhawan, President and CEO, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) (Video)

chinamining 2021Chair: The Hon. Zhong Ziran, Director-General, China Geological Survey (CGS), Ministry of Natural Resources PRC

Summit Forums

Mining Cooperation Forum among Countries along the "Belt and Road"

chinamining 2021Wang Gaoshang, Director, Strategic Research Center for Global Mineral Resources, CGS

chinamining 2021Zou Xiehua, Deputy Director of Int’l Mining Research Cente, CGS & Vice President of China Mining News Agency

chinamining 2021Ren Junping, Chief Researcher, Institute of Mining in Southern African, Int’l Mining Research Center, CGS

chinamining 2021Hu Peng, Chief Researcher,Institute of Northern African Mining, Int’l Mining Research Center, CGS

chinamining 2021Liu Shusheng, Chief Researcher, Institute of Southeast Asia and South Asia Mining, Int’l Mining Research Center, CGS

chinamining 2021Ma Zhongping, Chief Researcher, Institute of Middle Asia and Western Asia Mining, Int’l Mining Research Center, CGS (Online)

chinamining 2021Wang Tiangang, Chief Researcher, Institute of American and Oceania Mining, Int’l Mining Research Center, CGS

chinamining 2021Zhou Yongheng, Chief Researcher, Institute of Northeast Asian and European Mining, Int’l Mining Research Center, CGS

chinamining 2021Chair: Yan Guangsheng, Chief Engineer of CGS, Ministry of Natural Resources PRC

Senior Corporate Executives Forum

chinamining 2021Ms. Li Tong, CEO, BOC International Holdings Limited(BOCI)(Online)

chinamining 2021Que Chaoyang, Vice President, Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Liu Jiankun, Deputy General Manager, Senior Engineer of Beijing Information Technology Branch of the China Railway 19th Bureau Group Mining Investment Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Chair for Phase I: Wang Jingbin, General Geologist, Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Dong Jianxiong, Deputy General Manager, Aluminum Corporation of China

chinamining 2021Dong Xin, President, Shandong Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Lv Tao, Deputy Chief Engineer& Director of Intelligent Mine Research Institute, Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Wang Xinyu, CEO, JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Chair for Phase II: Wang Haifeng, Executive Vice President of Western Mining Group Co., Ltd. & Chairman of Western Mining Co., Ltd.

Forum of Directors General of China-African Countries Geosciences Departments

chinamining 2021Ms. Wang Ju, Counselor of the Department of African Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs China

chinamining 2021Osman Hassan, Deputy General Director, Geological Research Authority of Sudan (GRAS) (Video)

chinamining 2021David Khoza, Executive Manager, Integrated Geoscience Development of South Africa, Council for Geoscience (CGS) (Online)

chinamining 2021Ahmed BENLAKHDIM, Director, Directorate of Geology, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment of Morocco (Online)

chinamining 2021Ms. Anna Nguno, Deputy Director, Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN) (Online)

chinamining 2021Elias Xavier Felix Daudi, National Director, National Directorate of Geology and Mines of Mozambique (Online)

chinamining 2021Canga Xiaquivuila, CEO, Geological Survey of Angola (IGEO) (Online)

chinamining 2021Betru Haile, Director, Mineral Transaction and Export Directorate, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Ethiopia (Video)

chinamining 2021Kondwani Dombola & Annock Chiwona, Acting Director & Chief Geologist, Geological Survey Department of Malawi (Online)

chinamining 2021Prof. Lai Xulong, Vice President of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

chinamining 2021Ronald J. Massawe, Director of Geological Services, Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) (Video)

chinamining 2021Lloyd SHAWARIRA, Acting Director, Zimbabwe Geological Survey (Video)

chinamining 2021Ermias Yohannes, Director, Eritrea Geological Survey (Online)

chinamining 2021Abdulrazaq Abubakar Garba, Director General, Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (Video)

chinamining 2021H.E. Zhu Jing, Ambassador of China to DRC, addressed at the Opening Ceremony of the Seminar on Mineral Resources Development and Management of DRC (Video)

chinamining 2021Kalala Namund Eric, Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of DRC in China, addressed at the Opening Ceremony of the Seminar on Mineral Resources Development and Management of DRC (Video)

chinamining 2021Chair: Yan Guangsheng, Chief Engineer of CGS, Ministry of Natural Resources China


Breakout Sessions

Oct.21 PM — Stream 1 — Environmental Governance and Ecological Restoration of Mines

chinamining 2021Wang Jian, Project Manager, Inner Mongolia M·Grass Ecology and Environment (Group) Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Ms. Ritva Muhlbauer, Hydrologist, Thungela Resources Co., Ltd. South Africa(Video)

chinamining 2021Wolfhart Pohl, Lead Specialist for Environment and Geosciences for the World Bank’s Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy (ENB) Global Practice in Europe and Central Asia (ECA), The World Bank(Video)

chinamining 2021Ms. Anna Krzyszowska Waitkus, An Environmental Consultant Specialized in Reclamation Management Practices Utilized in the Western USA for Surface Coal Mines, Ohio Land Environmental Consulting Company USA(Video)

chinamining 2021Chair & Speaker: Dong Liang, General Manager, Zhong Di Green Mines Tech Co., Ltd.

Oct.21 PM — Stream 2 — Development of Geothermal Energy Industry under the “Dual Carbon” Target

chinamining 2021Prof. Sadiq Zarrouk, Former Director of the Int’l Geothermal Association, the 3rd Dean of Geothermal School at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

chinamining 2021Zheng Keyan, Former Director of the Geothermal Professional Committee of China Energy Research Association, the 6th and 7th Members of the International Geothermal Association, Int’l Geothermal Experts

chinamining 2021Wei Wanshun, Vice President, Beijing Municipal Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration

chinamining 2021Zhang Wenxiu, Deputy General Manager, Senior Engineer, Beijing Huaqing Geothermal Development Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Chair: Qi Ruming, Chairman of the Geothermal Commission, China Mining Association

Oct.21 PM — Stream 3 — Security Management of Tailings Ponds

chinamining 2021Dr. Liao Guoli, Professor of China Academy of Safe Science and Technology, Ministry of Emergency Management PRC & Member of the National Safety Production Panel

chinamining 2021Dr. Cen Jian, Director of HSE Department, China ENFI Engineering Corporation & Expert in Tailings Pond Safety

chinamining 2021Dr. Ms. Niu Lixian, Partner, Director of Shenzhen Branch, Beijing Yu Ren Law Firm

chinamining 2021Ms. Marnie Pascoe, Chief Advisor, Major Hazards Surface Mining Centre of Excellence, Rio Tinto (Video)

chinamining 2021Chair: Li Jianfeng, Deputy General Manager, Minmetals Exploration & Development Co., Ltd.

Oct.21 PM — Stream 4 — Scenario Application of Intelligent Mines Technology

chinamining 2021Zhang Yunlong, Chairman & CEOmShandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc.

chinamining 2021Wu Yaoxin, Director of Info. System Dept, Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Wang Jian, Chief Strategy Officer, Waytous

chinamining 2021Wu Yang, Mining Technical Consultant, Rockwell Automation (China)

chinamining 2021Men Jianbing, Deputy Manager of Mine Business Department, China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Lan Deshao, Assistant Director of Data and Intelligence R&D Center, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Bao Ran, Technical Manager at Intelligent Mines, Hexagon China

chinamining 2021Chair & Speaker: Ge Qifa, Mine Department Deputy Director, China ENFI Engineering Corporation

Oct.21 PM — Stream 5 — Corporate Social Responsibility

chinamining 2021Lv Jianzhong, Vice Chairman of China CSR Think Tank, Director of GRI

chinamining 2021Ms. Wang Fan, Manager, China Corporate Public Relations of Anglo American (Online)

chinamining 2021Li Tian, Deputy General Manager of Shanxi Province Overseas Engineering Construction Co., Ltd, General Manager of Shanxi Province Overseas Engineering Construction (Kenya) Co., Ltd. (Online)

chinamining 2021Ms. Liang Wei, Director, ESG, China Molybdnum Co., Ltd. (Video)

chinamining 2021Chair: Xu Peng, Think Tank Expert of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Research, China Federation of Industrial Economics, Director of Beijing Rongzhi CSR Research Institute

Oct.22 AM — Stream 1A — Innovative Development of Mining Industry under the “Dual Carbon” Target (1)

chinamining 2021Peng Qiming, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Mining Conference and Exhibition & President of China Mining Association (Video)

chinamining 2021Wang Enge, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Former Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Former President of Peking University (Online)

chinamining 2021Chen Jinghe, Chairman, Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Zhou Chao, Executive Vice-President, Ivanhoe Mines (China)

chinamining 2021Tang Renhu, General Manager, Sino-Carbon Innovation & Investment Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Chair: Ms. Cheng Yan, Chairman, Boyu Capital Management Co., Ltd.,

chinamining 2021Co-Chair: Yan Changming, President, Jiada Resources International Investment Co., Ltd.

Oct.22 AM — Stream 1B — Innovative Development of Mining Industry under the “Dual Carbon” Target (2)

chinamining 2021Wu Hongjie, Vice Secretary-General of China Industrial Development Institute (CIDI) & Director of Carbon Neutral Applied Research Center (Online)

chinamining 2021Fu Chengyu, Advisor of Committee of Economy of the CPPCC, Former Chairman of SINOPEC (Video)

chinamining 2021Chen Liji, President of Hong Kong Energy, Mining and Commodities Association (Online)

chinamining 2021Ms. Veronica Martinez Saperas, Manager-Innovation and Climate Change, ICMM (Video)

chinamining 2021Yan Changming, President, Jiada Resources International Investment Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Che Changbo, Secretary- General, China Mining Association

chinamining 2021Chair: Ms. Cheng Yan, Chairman, Boyu Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Oct.22 AM — Stream 2A — Mining Capital Market

chinamining 2021Ba Shusong, Managing Director & Chief China Economist of HKEX & Chief Economist of China Banking Association (Online)

chinamining 2021Christopher Fix, Managing Director & Director of Asia Pacific, CME Group (Online)

chinamining 2021Wei Jiaming, Deputy General Manager, China ENFI Engineering Corporation

chinamining 2021Chair: Weng Yuying, Managing Director & Director of Energy and Mining of Investment Dept, BOCI

Oct.22 AM — Stream 2B — Intelligent Mines Construction

chinamining 2021Prof. Hu Nailian, Former Vice President of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing

chinamining 2021Zhang Hankuo, General Manager, Int’l First-Class Demonstration Mine Promotion Center & Intelligent and Smart Mine Joint Innovation Center, Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Cao Bin, Chief Engineer of Aluminum Corporation of China & CTO of Chinalco Intelligent Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Qi Yuhao, Director of Equipment Management Center of Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited, Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Zou Guobin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Technology and Automation Design, BGRIMM Technology Group

chinamining 2021Chair: Zhang Yuansheng, General Manager, BGRIMM Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Oct.22 AM — Stream 3A — WESTERN MINING Promotion Show

chinamining 2021Prof. Luo Xianping, Vice President of Jiangxi University of Technology, Distinguished Chief Expert of Western Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Tan Shenglu, Chairman & General Manager, Qinghai Salt Industry Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Chair & Speaker: Ms. Liu Jieqiong, Director, Office of CPC Committee, Western Mining Group Co., Ltd.

Oct.22 AM — Stream 3B — Strategic Minerals

chinamining 2021Lan Fusheng, Executive Director & Vice Chairman, Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Richard Lu, Senior Analyst, CRU China

chinamining 2021Samson Li, Special Analyst, Commodity Discovery Fund of the Netherlands (Online)

chinamining 2021Ms. Lili Wu, Principal Research Analyst | Global Inorganics - Lithium & Battery Materials, IHS Markit

chinamining 2021Chair: Zhang Yongtao, Vice President & Secretary-General, China Gold Association

Oct.22 PM — Stream 1A — Development and Utilization of Manganese Ore

chinamining 2021Li Weijian, Chairman of the Electrolytic Products Division (EPD) of International Manganese Institute (IMnI), Chairman of Southern Manganese Industry Group

chinamining 2021Li Jigang, General Manager, Tianjin Skoland Technology Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Jiang Guiting, President, Jingjin Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Aloys d’Harambure, Executive Director, International Manganese Institute (IMnI) (Video)

chinamining 2021Chair: Zhan Haiqing, Executive Vice president, China Mining Association Manganese Branch

Oct.22 PM — Stream 2A — Progress of Theory and Method on Geological Survey

chinamining 2021Mao Jingwen, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellow, Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences(CAGS), Director of the Committee of Mineral Deposits, Geological Society of China (Online)

chinamining 2021Cheng Qiuming, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences & Former President, International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) (Online)

chinamining 2021Ms. Feng Qiaoyun, Senior Engineer, 264 Brigade, Geological Bureau of Jiangxi Province

chinamining 2021Chair & Speaker: Wang Xueqiu, Deputy Chief Engineer & Chief Scientist, Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS)

Oct.22 PM — Stream 2B — Mining Investment Environment and Policy

chinamining 2021Cui Rongguo, Researcher & Director of Editing Department, Information Center of Ministry of Natural Resources China

chinamining 2021Xie Xionghui, Executive Director & Vice President, Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Zhang Haoliang, Director of Business Development (Int’l Case) Department, Beijing Arbitration Commission / Beijing International Arbitration Center

chinamining 2021Wu Yonggao, Partner, Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm

chinamining 2021Chair: Qian Xuekai, Senior Partner & Chairman of Energy, Natural Resource and Environment Practice Group, Dentons Beijing Office

Oct.22 PM — Stream 3A — Mining Market and Situation

chinamining 2021Kevin Murphy, Chief Analyst of Mining, S&P Global Market Intelligence (Video)

chinamining 2021Justin Pettit, Vice President & Managing Director, Upstream Consulting in Asia, IHS Markit (Video)

chinamining 2021Magnus Ericsson, Professor, Luleå University of Technology Sweden, Former CEO & Co-Founder, RMG Consulting Sweden (Video)

chinamining 2021Mark Ferguson, Director, Metals and Mining Research , S&P Global Market Intelligence (Online)

chinamining 2021Yan Weidong, Director of Mineral Resources Research Department, Information Center of Ministry of Natural Resources China

chinamining 2021Chair: Liu Yikang, Former Chief Engineer of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau, Senior Advisor of China Mining Association

chinamining 2021Co-Chair: Cao Xinyuan, Deputy Director, Information Center of Ministry of Natural Resources China

Oct.22 PM — Stream 3B — Sustainable Development of Mining Industry

chinamining 2021John Kilroe, Director of Exploration in Australia and Asia, Strategy and Development Department of Rio Tinto Group (Video)

chinamining 2021Peng Qiming, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Mining Conference and Exhibition & President of China Mining Association

chinamining 2021Prof. A. J. Sam Spearing, Member of SAIMM Council, Part-time Professor of China Mining University (Video)

chinamining 2021Chair & Speaker: William Fu, Country President and Chief Representative of China for Anglo American Plc

Oct.22 PM — Stream 4A — Geothermal Energy Development and Utilization & Mine Water Prevention

chinamining 2021Jiang Xiangming, Director-General, Hydrogeological Bureau of China National Administration of Coal Geology

chinamining 2021Xu Chao, Chief Engineer, Hydrogeological Bureau of China National Administration of Coal Geology

chinamining 2021Ren Hujun, President of Tianjin Engineering Technology Institute, CNACG Hydrogeological Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Wang Hui, Deputy Director-General & Chief Engineer, Guangxi Coal Geology Bureau

chinamining 2021Chair: Pan Shuren, Deputy Director-General, China National Administration of Coal Geology

Oct.22 PM — Stream 4B — Uranium Ore

chinamining 2021Qin Mingkuan, President & Chief Engineer, Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology

chinamining 2021He Fei, Deputy General Manager, CGNPC Uranium Resources Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Askar Batyrbaev, Chief Commercial Officer, Member of the Management Board, Kazakhstan Atomic Energy Industry Company (Video)

chinamining 2021Ni Tao, Deputy General Manager of Overseas Business Dept, China Uranium Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Li Zhaokun, Office Head of Well Completion Technology, Research Institute of Uranium ISL Technology, China Nuclear Mining Science and Technology Corporation

chinamining 2021Chair: Su Xuebin, Chief Engineer, China Uranium Co., Ltd.

Oct.22 PM — Stream 5A — Iron Ore

chinamining 2021Xiong Hongqi, Deputy General Manager, Ansteel Mining Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Qian Wei, General Manager Strategy Planning Dept, Baosteel Resources (International) Co., Ltd.

chinamining 2021Ms. Zhi Hailei, Vice President & Senior Analyst,

chinamining 2021Chair: Lu Zhaoming, Deputy Secretary-General, China Iron and Steel Association

Oct.22 PM — Stream 5B — Development and Utilization of Mineral Water

chinamining 2021Ms. Shu Weiqun, Professor and PhD Supervisor of Army Medical University, Vice Director of PLA Military Operation and Environmental Medicine Academic Committee

chinamining 2021Tian Tingshan, Former Vice-President of China Geological and Environment Monitoring Institute

chinamining 2021William Terry, President, Aquacert International (Video)

chinamining 2021Philippe Hartemann, Professor Emeritus and PhD of Medical School of University of Nancy (France), Owner of “Legion of Honor” and “International Gold Medal”, and International Consultant of Public Health (Video)

chinamining 2021Chair: Zhang Zhaoji, President of Natural Mineral Water Committee, China Mining Association

2021中国国际矿业大会展商名录 (更新至2021.10.16)
Exhibitors List of CHINA MINING 2021 (Updated to Oct 16, 2021)

展位号 参展单位名称(英文) 参展单位名称(中文)
(booth#) (Company Name in English ) (Company Name in Chinese )
Indoor / Outdoor Mining Equipment Show Area  (Exhibition Hall N1 and Front Square)
1103 Ammex Exploration Equipment Co., Ltd. 普华英工装备制造有限公司
1105 The Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd.
1106 Mining Equipment 矿业装备杂志社
1107 Shandong Huakan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 山东华勘机械制造有限公司
1108 Weihai Shangpin Mechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 威海尚品机械设备科技有限公司
1109 Tianjin Jugang Rwducer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 天津巨刚减速机制造有限公司
1110 Fujian Yaheng Machinery Co., Ltd. 福建亚亨机械股份有限公司
1111 Hebei Fengbaili Pump Co., Ltd. 河北丰百利泵业有限公司
1115 Qinhuangdao Eastsun Rock Drill Equipment Co., Ltd. 秦皇岛迪峰凿岩设备有限公司
1116 环球破碎机网  振动机械网
1118 SELM(Beijing)Technology Co., Ltd. 塞尔姆(北京)科技有限责任公司
1119 中国筛分机械网
1120 REMA TIP TOP (Tianjin) Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. 蒂普拓普(天津)橡胶技术有限公司
1122 Henan Zongxiang Heavy Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd. 河南宗详重工进出口有限公司
1200 1201 Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. 山东鑫海矿业技术装备股份有限公司
1202 LONGi MAGNET CO., LTD. 沈阳隆基电磁科技股份有限公司
1203 XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Business Division 徐工基础工程机械事业部
1204 Jinan Lingong Mining & Rock Technology Co., Ltd. 济南临工矿山设备科技有限公司
1205 Husqvarna Xiamen Co., Ltd. 富世华建筑产品(厦门)有限公司
1207 1208 Zhaoyuan Huafeng Machinery And Equipment Co., Ltd. 招远华丰机械设备有限公司
1209 Hebei Ruizhi Chencheng Hydraulic Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 河北睿智辰诚液压机械科技有限公司
1212 Zhaoyuan Yilong Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  招远市蚁龙矿山设备制造有限公司
1213 1214 Goldpro New Material Co., Ltd. 钢诺新材料股份有限公司
1218 Shenzhen Leku Technology Co., Ltd. 深圳市乐酷光电科技有限公司
1300 China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd. 中国地质装备集团有限公司
1301 Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. 南昌矿山机械有限公司
1304B Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co., Ltd. 山东省章丘鼓风机股份有限公司
1306 Danfoss Power Solutions Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 丹佛斯动力系统贸易(上海)有限公司
1307 Xihe Taize Technology Development Co., Ltd.  北京羲和泰泽科技发展有限公司
1308 Anhui Haery Aviation Power Co., Ltd. 安徽航瑞航空动力装备有限公司
1310 Shandong Zhiqiang Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd.  山东志强钻探设备有限公司
1313 Sunord Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. 沈阳合诺德机械设备有限公司
1317 Fushun Ron Tech Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. 抚顺罗恩泰克机械设备有限公司
1401 Shandong Zhongkan Machinery Co., Ltd. 山东中勘机械有限公司
1403 Enmate(Qingdao)New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 恩迈特(青岛)新能源科技有限公司
1404A Laizhou Yatong Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. 莱州亚通重型装备有限公司
1405 Hunan EANDA Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. 湖南卓优工程设备有限公司
1407 1408 Tianjin Lixinsheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 天津立鑫晟新材料科技有限公司
1412 1412A Changchun Gold Research Institute Co., Ltd. 长春黄金研究院有限公司
1415 Tianjin Luckcome Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 天津市乐矿机械设备制造有限公司
1416 1417 CCTEG Xi’an Research Institute 中煤科工集团西安研究院有限公司
1418 1419 CINF Engineering Co., Ltd. 长沙有色冶金设计研究院有限公司
1423 1424
1425 1426
China Nerin Engineering Co.,Ltd. 中国瑞林工程技术股份有限公司
1427 1430 Changchun Gold Design Institute Co., Ltd. 长春黄金设计院有限公司
1428 1429 Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd. 长沙矿冶研究院有限责任公司
1500 WUXI BEILAI TUBE CO., LTD. 无锡贝来钢管有限公司
1505 Dongguan Winning Mineral Separation Technology Co., Ltd. 东莞维盈选矿设备科技有限公司
1506 1507 Tangshan Anfeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 唐山安丰智能科技有限公司
1508  1509
Shandong Xiongtai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. 山东雄泰机械集团有限公司
1512 MINING & PROCESSING EQUIPMENT / Mining Machinery Industry Network 《矿山机械》/ 矿山机械行业网
1517 Yantai Orient Metallurgical Design And Research Institute Co., Ltd. 烟台东方冶金设计研究院有限公司
1519 1520 China Mining Value-Added Service Alliance 中国高科技产业化研究会矿业增值服务联盟
1521 1522
China ENFI Engineering Corporation 中国恩菲工程技术有限公司
1524 Jinjian Engineering Design Co., Ltd. 金建工程设计有限公司
1600 1601 Yaitai Fulin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. 烟台市富林矿山机械有限公司
1602 Beijing Xinyuan Zhiqin Technology Development Co., Ltd. 北京新源志勤科技开发有限责任公司
1603 Weifang Zhongjia Silicon Carbide Technology Co., Ltd. 潍坊中加碳化硅科技有限公司
1604 Weihai Tongge Technology Co., Ltd. 威海彤格科技有限公司
1605 Hebei Sangong Wear-Resisting Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 河北三工耐磨管件制造有限公司
1606 Weihai Mingyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 威海市铭远环保科技有限公司
1607 Shenyang Dapeng Heavy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 沈阳大鹏重型设备科技有限公司
1608 Xiangtan Hengxin Industry Co., Ltd. 湘潭市恒欣实业有限公司
1609 Dezhou Yilun Conveying Machinery Co., Ltd. 德州亿轮输送机械有限公司
1610 Au-Prospect Drilling Tools (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. 澳普洛钻探工具(无锡)有限公司
1901A Beijing Drillec Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. 璀璨之光(北京)机械设备有限公司
1902A Kingnor Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 金诺矿山设备有限公司
N3展厅 (Exhibition Hall N3)
3005 3006 Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. 丹东东方测控技术股份有限公司
3007 Silvercorp Metals Inc. 希尔威金属矿业有限公司
3008 Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd. 山东能源集团有限公司
3009 China National Administration of Coal Geology 中国煤炭地质总局
3010A Beijng Cortech Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. 北京天和众邦勘探技术股份有限公司
3010B Hebei Yongming Geological Project Machinery Co., Ltd. 河北永明地质工程机械有限公司
3011 Zhuhai EGR Special Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. 珠海市英格尔特种钻探设备有限公司
3012 Jiangsu Elephant Machinery Co., Ltd. 江苏大象机械有限公司
3014 Shenyang Shunda Heavy Mineral Machinery Co., Ltd. 顺达重矿集团
3015 Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. 海克斯康制造智能技术(青岛)有限公司
3101 3102 Faster Hydraulics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 速捷贸易(上海)有限公司
3103 NINGBO C.S.I. POWER & MACHINERY GROUP CO., LTD. 宁波中策动力机电集团有限公司
3105 Sandioss New Material(Changxing)Co., Ltd. 圣的新材料(长兴)有限公司
3124 Tianjin Haihe New Energy Group Co., Ltd. 天津海河新能源集团有限公司
3125 3126
3127 3128
3201 3202
3203 3204
Goldstone Drilling Products Corporation 金石恒泰(北京)科技有限公司
3205 Asoe Hose Manufacturing Inc. 江苏爱索新材料科技有限公司
3206 Shanghai Aidu Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(Guilin Technology Hydrogeological Investigation Institute) 上海艾都能源科技有限公司(桂林理工水文地质勘查研究院)
3208 Shanghai International Mining Exchange 上海联合矿权交易所
3301  3302 Rockwell Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(中国)有限公司
3303 NETAFIM 以色列耐特菲姆
3304 Longxin Heavy Machinery (Shenyang Metallurgy Mine Co., Ltd.) 龙信重工(沈阳冶矿重型设备有限公司)
3305 3306
3307 3308
Guangxi Senhe High Technology Co., Ltd. 广西森合高新科技股份有限公司
3401 3402 BOC International Holding Limited 中银国际控股有限公司
3403 Henan Lvjin Mining Technology Co., Ltd. 河南绿金矿业科技有限公司
3404 Beijing Bxuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. 北京必选信息技术有限公司
3405 Beijing Petrosound Geoservices Co., Ltd. 北京派特森科技股份有限公司
3407 Beijing Maiqin/Seequent Geosoft 北京迈勤/Geosoft
3408 KAIDY DRILLING CORP. 凯地钻探(北京)股份有限公司
3501 3502
3503 3504
Beijng Deyan Technology Co., Ltd. 北京德严科技有限公司
3505 3506 JINSHI DRILLTECH CO., LTD. 金石钻探(唐山)股份有限公司
3507 Editorial Office of Drilling Engineering 《钻探工程》编辑部
3601 Best Drilling Equipment(Wuxi) Co., Ltd. 贝思特钻探装备(无锡)有限公司
3602 Wuxi Rockcode Diamond Products Co., Ltd. 无锡洛德金刚石工具有限公司
3603 Zhaoyuan Hongrun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 招远市宏润机具制造有限公司
3605 Shenyang YYD Industrial And Mining Mechanical Co., Ltd. 沈阳市永达有色铸造厂
N5展厅 (Exhibition Hall N1)
5100 China Mining Association 中国矿业联合会
5101 SGS 通标标准技术服务有限公司
5102 International SOS 国际SOS
5105 5106
BGRIMM Technology Group 矿冶科技集团有限公司
5109 Guangdong Leimeng Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd. 广东磊蒙智能装备集团有限公司
5112  5113 Beijing Yuren Law Firm 北京市雨仁律师事务所
5113A Top Resources Group Limited 福川资源集团有限公司
5114 5115 Allis Saga Mining and Construction (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 埃里斯克矿山工程机械(北京)有限公司
5116 5117 Weifang Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd. 潍坊加华化工有限公司
5201 Paleontological Museum of Liaoning 辽宁古生物博物馆
5209 5210
5211 5212
Shining Star Mining 星耀矿业
5215 Hebei provincial bureau of geology and mineral resources second brigade 河北省地矿局第二地质大队
5216 The Institute of seawater desalination and multipurpose utilization MNR (Tianjin) 自然资源部天津海水淡化与综合利用研究所
5217 Shanxi Huhua Group Co., Ltd. 山西壶化集团股份有限公司
5218 Yantai Hexin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 烟台核信环保设备有限公司
5219 LADARTeK 北京徕达泰科科技有限公司
5220 Innere Mongolia Mining Association ( 内蒙古矿业协会/中国矿业信息网
5221 5223 Beijing GridWorld Software Technology Co., Ltd. 北京网格天地软件技术股份有限公司
5222 ALC Minerals Technology Co., Ltd. 浙江艾领创矿业科技有限公司
5225 Guangzhou LongYue Environment Protection Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 广州市龙粤环保机械设备有限公司
5226 China Land Press Group Limited Geological Publishing House / China Land Press 中国大地出版传媒集团有限公司    
地质出版社 / 中国大地出版社
5227 Shanghai Atoz Information Technology Co., Ltd. 上海安托信息技术有限公司
5230 Shanghai Mackorn Machinery Co., Ltd. 上海美矿机械有限公司
5231 Editorial Office of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration 《物探与化探》编辑部
5233 Zhong Di Bao Lian (Beijing) Land & Resource Exploration Technology Development Group Co., Ltd. 中地宝联(北京)国土资源勘查技术开发集团有限公司
5234 Global Mineral Resources Network 全球矿产资源网
5301 5302 Argentina 阿根廷 
5303 Zambia 赞比亚
5304 Sudan 苏丹
5305 Tanzania 坦桑尼亚
5306 Uruguay 乌拉圭
5307 5308 Shandong Aluminum Co., Ltd. 山东铝业有限公司
5309 Technology Innovation Center for Geological Environment Monitoring, MNR 自然资源部地质环境监测工程技术创新中心
5310 5312 CNOOC China Limited Tianjin Branch 中海石油(中国)有限公司天津分公司
5311 National Ocean Technology Center 国家海洋技术中心
5313 National Marine Data and Information Service 国家海洋信息中心
5314 MiningComm 矿脉网
5315 National Center Of Ocean Standards And Metrology 国家海洋标准计量中心
5316 Guangxi Bureau of Geology & Mineral Prospecting & Exploitation 广西壮族自治区地质矿产勘查开发局
5317 Airborne Survey and Remote Sensing Center of Nuclear Industry 核工业航测遥感中心
5318 RPMGlobal China Limited 隆格国际矿业咨询(北京)有限公司
5319 Hunan Jumper Technology Co., Ltd. 湖南军芃科技股份有限公司
5321 Sinotech-silkroad Resources Technology (Beijing) Ltd. 中色丝路资源科技(北京)有限公司
5322 CHINA MINING MAGAZINE CO., LTD. 《中国矿业》杂志社有限公司
5323 Chengde Jincheng Activated Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. 承德锦成活性炭科技有限公司
5324 Sichuan Huafeng Drilling&Engineering Co., Ltd. 四川华锋钻探工程有限责任公司
5325 Chengdu Changjie Technology Co., Ltd. 成都长杰科技有限公司
5326 Beijing DOD Science & Technology Ltd. 北京东澳达科技有限公司
5328 Hunan Danal Intelligent Robot Technology Co., Ltd. 湖南达诺智能机器人科技有限公司
5327 Liaoning Topco Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 辽宁拓普科机械设备有限公司
5329 Beijing Suntrans Translation Company 北京阳光创译语言翻译有限公司
5331 5333 TIANJIN MEITENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 天津美腾科技股份有限公司
5332 5334 Beijing Leader Harvest Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. 北京利德华福电气技术有限公司
5336 5338 Normet (Shanghai) Trading Ltd. 挪曼尔特(上海)贸易有限公司
5340 Gold Science and Technology 黄金科学技术
5408 Beijing WiseMineTech Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 北京睿思矿科科技有限公司
5409 CRU(Beijing)Consulting Ltd. CRU(北京)咨询有限公司
5410 Two Mountains Resources (Beijing) Sci & Tech Ltd. 两山资源科技(北京)有限公司
5411 Alashan Rongtuo Copper Development Co., Ltd. 阿拉善盟融拓铜业开发有限公司
5412 Jiangxi Siton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 江西鑫通机械制造有限公司
5412A Chengde Shuangyuan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. 承德双源活性炭有限公司
5413 Beijing Waytous Infinite Technology Co., Ltd. 北京慧拓无限科技有限公司
5414 Hunan Baiyin Grouting Waterproof Material Engineering Co., Ltd. 湖南省白银注浆防水材料工程有限公司
5415 Hebei Yuejin Information technology Co., Ltd. 河北跃进信息技术有限公司
5416 Beijing DaoYun Surveying and Mapping Technology Co., Ltd. 天河道云(北京)科技有限公司
5418 Liaoning Chihong Technology Co., Ltd. 辽宁驰鸿科技有限公司
5419 Beijing HuaKongZhiJia Technology Co., Ltd. 北京华控智加科技有限公司
5501 Aluminum Corporation of China 中国铝业集团有限公司
5502 Ministry of Natural Resources, PRC 中华人民共和国自然资源部
5503 Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. 紫金矿业集团股份有限公司
5504 Western Mining Group Co., Ltd. 西部矿业集团有限公司
5506 JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd. 金诚信矿业管理股份有限公司
5507 Beijing Auxin Chemical Technology Limited 北京奥信化工科技发展有限责任公司
5601 China Railway 19th Bureau Group Mining Investment Co., Ltd. 中铁十九局集团矿业投资有限公司
5603 China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. 中国黄金集团有限公司
5604 Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd. 山东黄金集团有限公司
5605 Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd. 山东招金集团有限公司
5606 ANSTEEL MINING CO., LTD. 鞍钢集团矿业有限公司
5609 矿库网
5703 Tianjin  Pavillion 绿色发展 美丽天津
5705 Department of Natural Resources of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 新疆维吾尔自治区自然资源厅
5706 Shaanxi Pavillion 陕西展团
5707 China Geological Survey 中国地质调查局
5508 5509 China Gold News 中国黄金报社
5610 矿权资源网
5607 5608 The Gold  Journal Office 黄金杂志社
5708 5711 China Mining News / Mining World 中国矿业报社 / 矿业界

Thanks to Our Sponsors of CHINA MINING 2021

(Note: All diamond, platinum and gold sponsors are listed according to the initial alphabetical order of the company name.)

Major Sponsors

Overall Sponsor


Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. is a large multinational mining group focusing on the exploration and development of metal mineral resources such as gold and copper and the application of engineering technology. The company has been listed in Hong Kong H shares (stock code 2899) and Shanghai A shares (stock code 601899) as a whole, with an operating revenue of 171.5 billion yuan and a total profit of 10.8 billion yuan in 2020; In the first half of 2021, the company achieved operating revenue of 109.9 billion yuan, total profit of 11.5 billion yuan and total assets of 1987 billion yuan. The company ranked 398 among the top 2000 listed companies of Forbes in 2021, the third among the global gold enterprises, the ninth among the global metal mining enterprises, the 486th among the Fortune 500 in 2021 and the 67th among the Fortune 500 in China in 2021.

Zijin Mining: Race to the Top, Build Global Competitiveness


Western Mining Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, with its headquarters in Xining city, Qinghai Province, developed from Xitieshan Mining Bureau. In 2007, the company’s wholly owned Western Mining Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange. After years of development, the company has expanded from a single lead and zinc resource development enterprise to a large enterprise group integrating mining smelting, salt lake chemical industry, cultural tourism, construction real estate, financial trade, scientific and technological information six industries, with more than 40 subsidiaries in 11 provinces and cities across the country. Total assets increased by 60 times from 1.091 billion yuan in 2000 to 66.1 billion yuan in 2020. The company revenue increased 56 times from 736 million yuan in 2000 to 41.4 billion yuan in 2020.At present, the potential value of total resources has exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan. It is the only one in Qinghai province that has been listed China's top 500 enterprises for 15 consecutive years.

Diamond Sponsor


China Minmetals Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Minmetals), headquarterd in Beijing, was established as the result of a strategic recombination of two Fortune Global 500 companies – the former China Minmetals and the Metallurgical Corporation of China. We have over 200,000 employees, thousands of wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries. With 42 mines in total (including 27 domestic mines and 15 overseas mines), we take the lead in the reserves and output of various mineral resources. With over RMB 700 billion of annual revenue and over RMB 1 trillion of total assets, we have resource projects and construction projects in over 60 countries and regions around the world. In 2021, China Minmetals ranked 65th among the Fortune Global 500 companies with a revenue of USD 102 billion, and took the first place in the metals industry.

As a state-owned capital investment company in the field of metals and minerals, China Minmetals is embracing the philosophy of “cherishing limited resources and pursuing sustainable development” and proactively practicing the enterprise spirit of “never falling behind schedule or getting slack”, so as to make unremitting efforts to build a world-class metals and minerals corporation.

Platinum Sponsors


Aluminum Corporation of China (Chinalco) is a key state-owned enterprise directly supervised by the central government. It is principally engaged in mineral resources development, nonferrous metals smelting and processing, related trading as well as engineering and technical services. It has grown into the world’s largest alumina producer and aluminum producer, and the biggest lead and zinc producer in Asia. It represents the strongest copper business in China. Besides, it is one of the major rare earth companies recognized by the government. Chinalco has 68 major subsidiaries operating in more than 20 countries and regions. Its total assets have grown to 642 billion yuan and its sales revenue in 2020 amounted to over 367 billion yuan. It has been ranked as a Fortune Global 500 company since 2008. Six of its controlled subsidiaries are listed at home and abroad.


BOC International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "BOCI") was one of the first investment banks established in China and is one of the biggest and strongest China-invested banks in overseas markets. BOCI has a leading position in the Hong Kong capital market in terms of overall competitiveness, thanks to its comprehensive cross-border investment banking services platform that ranks at the forefront among Chinese investment banks, and to its internationalized investment banking framework that upholds best practices in the industry.

BOCI was incorporated in Hong Kong on 10 July 1998, and its predecessor, China Development Finance Company (HK) Limited, was established in 1979. Having grown and prospered during the wave of China’s reforms and opening-up over the past 42 years, BOCI has proved itself to be a trusted expert in the mainland market with deep insight into local conditions and a strong grasp of international regulations.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, New York and Singapore, BOCI provides clients with a full range of investment banking products and services in both mainland China and overseas capital markets, including share issuance, merger and acquisition, bond issuance, fixed-income, private banking, private equity, global commodities, asset management, equity derivatives, and leveraged and structured financing. It is one of the very few Chinese investment banks capable of providing international one-stop services in both the mainland China and Hong Kong markets.

Gold Sponsors


China Molybdenum Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CMOC”) was founded in 1969. After two mixed ownership reforms and many overseas mergers and acquisitions, it has become a multinational group with private holding and state-owned assets. It is mainly engaged in mining, processing and mineral trade of basic metals and rare metals. Its assets are distributed in Asia, Africa, South America Oceania and five European continents, with business covering more than 80 countries and regions, are the world's leading producers of tungsten, cobalt, niobium and molybdenum and important copper, as well as the leading phosphate fertilizer producer in Brazil. At the same time, the company's base metal trade business ranks among the top three in the world. The company was listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 03993) in 2007 and on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 603993) in 2012. At present, the market value, assets and annual income exceed 100 billion yuan, ranking 92nd among the 2021 fortune China 500, 1046th among the 2021 Forbes 2000 global listed companies, and 15th among the 2021 top 40 global mining companies (market value).


hina National Gold Group Co., Ltd. is the sole central enterprise in China's gold industry and the president unit of China Gold Association. As a large comprehensive gold industrial group which integrates geological exploration, mining, mineral processing smelting, refining, processing and sales, product research and development, engineering design and construction, China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. has a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain, business scope involves irradiation processing, culture media, and other fields, China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. Also possesses four listed companies, they are as follows:”Zhongjin Gold”, “China Gold International”, ”China Gold” and “China Gold Irradiation”.

New era, new journey, new goals, new achievements, China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and strive to build a world-class gold industry group!


Mainly focusing on coal, coal-burned power generation, coal chemical, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, modern logistics and trade as pillar industries in China and Australia, Canada, Thailand, Latin America, etc, Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd. (“the Group”) is the only Chinese large-scale energy group with stocks listed in four stock exchanges both in China and overseas. According to its 2020 financial report, Shandong Energy achieved operating revenue of RMB675.2 billion, total profit of RMB17 billion, total assets of RMB685.1 billion by the end of the year 2020, ascending to No. 70 of Fortune Global 500. From January to July 2021, the Group reached its operating revenue of RMB467.9 billion and total profit of RMB11.7 billion, representing an increase of RMB127.9 billion and RMB1.49 billion, respectively, as compared with those of the same period of last year. Taking technological innovation as an important backbone in optimizing and adjusting industrial structure, the Group has built 6 national R&D platforms, 62 platforms above the provincial level, and won 27 and over 1,100 science and technology awards at national and provincial levels, respectively.


Established in 1996, Shandong Gold Group has carved its name at the forefront of the national gold industry in terms of gold technology, resource reserve, financial capital, intelligence level and talent advantages. Shandong Gold Group is now a full member of the World Gold Council. Its gold output has ranked first in China for four consecutive years and 10th in the world for two consecutive years. It has more than 2,000 tons of gold reserves and the total value of various mineral resources has exceeded one trillion RMB. Four mines of Shandong Gold Group has ranked among the top ten gold mines in China and the top ten gold mines with economic benefits in China. The key technologies in geology, mining, processing and metallurgy of Shandong Gold Group has reached the international leading level and being aimed to build a world-class gold enterprise.


Located in Zhaoyuan city of Shandong province, the world-famous gold production base and the Gold Capital of China, Shandong Zhaojin Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”)is a large-scale comprehensive conglomerate with mining chain and deep processing industry chain as the core, and financial industry, environmental protection industry and education industry developing together. Founded in 1974, the Group was restructured into a limited liability company in 2002, with 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 10 holding subsidiaries and 12 shareholding companies, two listed companies: Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd. (H shares) and Baoding Technology Co., Ltd. (A shares). The Group is now a full member of the World Gold Council and one of the leading enterprises in the national gold industry, with total assets of more than 60 billion yuan and 14,000 employees.

After years of development, the Group has formed a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain integrating gold exploration, mining, mineral processing, smelting, refining, processing and sales of gold and silver products, and its gold output, resource reserves, economic benefits, scientific and technological level and talent advantages rank among the top in the same industry in China. The Group have been selected as "China’s Top 500 Enterprises" and "China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands " for many years. ZhaoJin's brand value has achieved 63.916 billion RMB yuan.

Onsite Sponsors

Registration Area Sponsor


Located in Fengtai District, Beijing, China Railway 19th Bureau Group Mining Investment Co., Ltd. is the only specialized mining company under China Railway Construction Corporation Limited. The company adheres to the concept of safety and environmental protection, green development and intelligent mine, and provides the whole industry chain mine service for mining enterprises at home and abroad. With a registered capital of 764 million yuan, the company has a first-class qualification for general contracting of mine construction. It integrates professional contracting of steel structure installation, earthwork and other projects. Its business covers all fields of mine construction. It is a complete scheme provider for mine construction.Representative domestic open-pit mine projects include: Wunugetu Mountain Copper-molybdenum Mine in Inner Mongolia, Yuanjiacun Iron Mine of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, Yu Long Copper Mine Tibet. The representative overseas projects include: Mirador Copper Mine in Ecuador, THAR Coal Mine in Pakistan, Tavan Tolgoi coal mine in Mongolia.

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Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. was founded in 1997. Now it is an new technology enterprise to provide “Turn-key Solutions for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+)” including design and research, machine manufacturing, equipment procurement, management service, mine operation, mine materials procurement & management as well as industry resources integration. With the concept of “Optimized Solutions for Your Mine”, Xinhai strives to provide customers with high profit and low energy consumption EP+C+M+O turn-key services.

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JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as JCHX Mining) is a professional and reliable mining service provider, focusing on engineering, mine construction, underground development, contract mining, and research & development in non-ferrous, ferrous and chemical industries. JCHX was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (JCX: 603979) on June 30th 2015. JCHX is shifting from simply a mining contractor to one-stop mining solution provider by simultaneously and vigorously developing five business scopes covering mine construction & contract mining, equipment manufacturing, scientific & technological research, resources development and trading.

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Since its establishment in 1996, Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd (DFMC) has successively undertaken 14 national key scientific and technological problem-tackling and industrialization demonstration projects, presented 72 kinds of internationally advanced inline industrial detection instruments.

More than 50 measurement and control systems that were independently researched and developed by DFMC with advanced level in the world have been widely used in over 200 medium- and large-sized metallurgical and mine enterprises in the country. In the ore dressing automation engineering field, it holds over 90% of the market shares, establishing its leading position in Chinese metallurgical and mine automation field.

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Shandong Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise of fine alumina in China. Its leading product is fine alumina with 8 series and more than 150 varieties. It is the largest fine alumina enterprise in China and has certain influence in the world. It is also the most influential raw material supplier in the domestic washing products industry.

The construction and operation of Mask Factory of Shandong Aluminum Co., Ltd., with both economic and political significance, is not only social responsibility, but also the central enterprises to assume. The CPC Group of Chinalco has always been highly concerned about the development of the above enterprise. The leader team and all personnel in production lines of Water Plant, also always keep in mind that "difficult front of the mountain aluminum people, mountain aluminum people in front of no difficulties" of the new era 501 spirit, know the difficulties to advance, meet the difficulties, overcome the difficulties, not only to ensure the normal operation of the production line before and after the outbreak, but also set up a mask factory to become a well-known regional brand determination. At the same time, Shan aluminum mask factory is a central enterprise; product quality is the core, small mask, with Chinalco's genes, penetration of Chinalco's color, involved in Chinalco's reputation. Therefore, we must adhere to the use of high-quality supplies, perfect quality control system, in order to ensure that each mask to achieve and higher than the national standard, live up to the brand image of the central enterprises.