China's energy output in high gear in 2022

China has seen steady increases in a variety of energy resources in 2022 as the country stepped up efforts to ensure energy security against a volatile global market.

The following is the output of the world's largest energy consumer's fossil fuel as well as clean energy in 2022:

China produced some 4.45 billion tonnes of coal last year, up 8 percent year on year.

Natural gas output topped 217 billion cubic meters, registering an annual increase of over 10 billion cubic meters for a sixth straight year.

Crude oil production climbed back to over 200 million tonnes.

The newly installed capacity of renewable energy reached 140 million kW, bringing the tally of total installed capacity to exceed 1.2 billion kW.

Wind and solar power saw their newly installed capacity surpass 120 million kW, a record high.

Major energy projects completed a total investment of about 2 trillion yuan (about 290.2 billion U.S. dollars), lending strong steam to the country's economic growth.

China also saw several landmark energy projects completed in 2022, including the world's largest clean energy corridor, and the most efficient compressed air energy storage station.

For 2023, China expects to produce 205 million tonnes of crude oil and secure an annual natural gas output growth of over 6 billion cubic meters.

By the end of this year, the installed capacity of wind power, solar power, and hydropower might reach about 430 million kW, 490 million kW, and 423 million kW, respectively.