The 23rd China Mining Conference and Exhibition will run in the coastal city of Tianjin from Oct 21 to 23, with events held both online and off.

The cloud platform of China Mining Conference and Exhibition (CHINA MINING)( a comprehensive online cloud platform that integrates "conference + exhibition + promotion" specially created for CHINA MINING 2021.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology on Monday released a new five-year plan for the development of the hydrogen industry, laying out major tasks for industrial chains and relevant applications for the 2021-2025 period.

Although the global price rise of commodities may peak in August, it will still take time and greater policy support for businesses in China, downstream ones in particular, to swallow the associated cost and get through tough times in their operations, economists and industrial insiders say.

Nation has intensified research projects for exploration, discovery to fulfil strategic needs

China will need to enhance research into deep earth sciences to fulfill some of the country's biggest strategic needs, from finding and utilizing underground resources to predicting and mitigating natural disasters, experts said.

Shenhai Yihao platform aims to boost nation's maritime resource development

On June 25, Shenhai Yihao, the world's first 100,000 ton deep-sea, semi-submersible oil production and storage platform, began drilling at Lingshui 17-2, an offshore gas field located 150 kilometers south of Hainan island in the South China Sea.

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