Independent innovation and green environmental protection is still an important development direction of aluminum processing industry

Customized production. Liaoning Zhongwang, Shandong Jungle and other processing enterprises have been transformed from supply body platform for the manufacture of rail vehicles, Hunan Sheng Tong and logistics companies to produce lightweight high-end trucks, but also with the PetroChina and other companies to produce lightweight high-end tankers, from simple materials Producers, into a total solution provider, just as aluminum companies into the overall supplier of aluminum doors and windows, product customization is becoming popular.
The core of the current industry problems
Basic research and innovation. At present, China's aluminum processing industry catches up with foreign advanced levels and develops into a parallel stage of development with other countries. However, there still exist some shortcomings such as the development of aluminum alloy core grades in the industry's technical research and independent innovation capability. Aluminum Association of the United States registered 512 aluminum grades, while China registered only three.
Concerns about downstream demand are underdeveloped and products are homogenized severely. In the past few years, the market is in the pursuit of printing plate aluminum cans large profiles, the current capacity has been surplus, and there has been vicious competition. According to statistics, as of now, the annual production capacity of aluminum cans in China has exceeded 1.5 million tons, the homogenization and actual output is only about 800,000 tons, the utilization rate of capacity is only about 50%, the homogenization leads to intense market competition, and the products Processing costs drop lower and lower, such as the tank material processing fee reduced from 9,000 yuan per ton a few years ago to 4,000 yuan per ton.
Entities and capital markets are not closely integrated. Rough statistics, at present, China's independent aluminum processing enterprises listed at home and abroad only a dozen, relative to the scale of the processing industry is small, aluminum processing enterprises failed to make good use of the power of capital markets to achieve their own leapfrog development, at the same time, Listed companies failed to give full play to the role of the market to boost business development, which will be the next step in the direction of China's aluminum processing industry.
Future development of China's aluminum processing industry
First, increase R & D investment and improve the capability of independent innovation. China's aluminum processing industry has gone through the stages of development of tracking and imitation, digestion and absorption, and further innovation. The industry has now entered a stage of parallel development with the developed countries in the world and some enterprises even become leaders. The next step in the industry to further increase investment in scientific research, improve the ability of independent innovation, and strive to build 8 to 10 in 3 to 5 years have the core competitiveness of world-class enterprises.
Second, attention to environmental health and safety and recycling. Aluminum is a green product and aluminum should play a bigger role in creating a better life. Aluminum processing enterprises should continue to improve and reduce the level of pollutants and waste discharges in the aluminum surface treatment to minimize the harm to the natural and human health, so that the green concept enjoys popular support. At the same time, we will further raise the awareness of safe production operations, increase safe production and protection measures, pay attention to the study on product safety production cycle and increase the recycling rate.
Third, to achieve rapid growth through the capital market. The qualified aluminum processing enterprises must actively plan the listing, make full use of the capital market, enhance their corporate reputation, increase the financing channels, reduce financing costs, expand cooperation partners and development opportunities, and strive to promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises and establish a professional Highly sensitive capital market personnel team, the scientific and effective use of futures tools to resolve business risks and achieve leapfrog development.
Fourth, grasp the opportunities of "the Belt and Road Initiative" and implement the strategy of going global. The Belt and Road Initiative provides a good opportunity for Chinese aluminum processing enterprises to "go global". "Going Global" can both extend the industrial chain and open up new markets before we can effectively cope with the trade friction in other countries. We must make good use of it Belt and Road initiative.

China's socialism has entered a new era. Its major contradictions have transformed itself into the contradiction between the growing needs of a better life and unbalanced development. Looking to the future, the aluminum processing industry should follow the development concept of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing", stick to the principle of "quality first" and take the supply-side structural reform as the main line. In conformity with and satisfying the people's growing good life China is promising.