China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2022 held online

In the afternoon of September 21, the 24th China Mining Conference and exhibition (CHINA MINING 2022) opened in an "online" manner. With the theme of "Sustainable Mining for Sustainable Economic Growth", this event held several forums on the supply and demand situation of mineral products at home and abroad, mining capital markets, mineral trading markets, etc., and committed to improving resource security capabilities and promoting sustainable economic growth by revitalizing mining.

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The Hon. Wang Guanghua, Minister of Natural Resources China, The Hon. Zhang Gong, Mayor of Tianjin, and H.E. Gustavo Sabino Vaca Narvaja, Argentine Ambassador to China attended the opening ceremony and delivered video speeches respectively. The Hon. Zhuang Shaoqin, Vice Minister of Natural Resources China, presided over the opening ceremony. The Hon. Li Jinfa, Member of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Natural Resources China and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the China Geological Survey, Mr. Peng Qiming, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Mining Conference and exhibition and President of the China mining Association, attended the opening ceremony. Diplomatic envoys from 11 countries including South Africa, Serbia, Argentina, Zambia, Namibia, Peru, Tanzania, Uruguay, Mongolia, Sudan and Mozambique attended the opening ceremony online.

In his speech, Mr. Zhang Gong pointed out that the China Mining Conference and exhibition is an important annual mining event in the world. Under the strong guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources China and the joint efforts of all parties, the event has been enriched in connotation and increasingly improved in function, and has become an important platform for the international mining industry to understand industry trends and promote exchanges and cooperation. Mining is an important basic industry of the national economy and also an important guarantee for the sustainable growth of the global economy. It is hoped that all parties will take this event as an opportunity to promote practical cooperation at a higher level, in a wider range and in a wider area, to jointly promote the safe, green, innovative and integrated development of the global mining industry, and to jointly compose a new chapter in the sustainable development of the mining industry.

Mr. Wang Guanghua pointed out in his speech that the current world economy is still in the process of recovery, and the international mining market has become more volatile and uncertain. In the face of unprecedented challenges, it is more important than ever for all countries in the world to strengthen confidence and work together to seek cooperation space and development opportunities in mining industry. As the world's largest producer, consumer and trading nation of mineral products, China is ready to work with all parties to promote the sound development of mining industry, and jointly promote the recovery, growth and sustainable development of the world economy through opening-up and win-win cooperation. To this end, Wang put forward three proposals: First, implement the sustainable development goal and jointly provide resources for economic growth. We will improve the production and supply capacity of important mineral resources, promote the construction of green mines in an orderly manner, increase the exploration and development of new energy sources and new materials minerals, accelerate the construction of a supply and demand docking mechanism for important mineral products, and build a global mining industry chain and supply chain with complementary advantages. Second, we will vigorously promote the research, development, application and integration of new theories, new technologies, new methods, new processes and new equipment in mineral resources exploration and development. We will actively implement policies and measures to facilitate mining trade and investment, and vigorously promote the innovation of mining administration system and mechanism. Third, strengthen cooperation in key areas and jointly promote the improvement of the global mining governance system. We welcome the deep participation of all countries in promoting the high-quality development of the "the Belt and Road", promoting the docking and mutual recognition of mining strategies, policies, standards and norms, promoting the in-depth cooperation of global mining enterprises, and promoting the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of mining industry.

Mr. Gustavo Sabino Vaca Narvaja delivered an online speech on behalf of the supporters. He said that the rapid development of China's investment in the mining sector is developing rapidly around the world and plays a key role in promoting the sustainable development of global mining industry. Argentina will continue to improve the investment environment, improve relevant policies, further strengthen cooperation with China, and work together to benefit the two peoples.

Mr. Zhuang Shaoqin pointed out in the summary of the opening ceremony that mining is the basic industry for economic and social development, and the transformation and upgrading of mining will certainly stimulate a strong momentum of development, continue to expand new space for sustainable development, bring new opportunities.

This event is under the guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources China and Tianjin Municipal People's Government, hosted by China Mining Association, and organized by Tianjin Minexpo Co., Ltd. Its content will be presented online through the "Cloud Platform of China Mining Conference and exhibition ". The event will be held from September 21 to 23, consisting of opening ceremony, keynote session, thematic forums, online exhibition, national pavilion, Mining Interview column, workshop and other activities. In addition, six major sections of online exhibitions will be set up and more than 300 companies and units will participate online. (Translated by Tianjin Minexpo)