Agglomerate the Power of Sustainable Development——Written on the Opening of CHINA MINING 2022

When osmanthus flowers bloom, the grand event of international mining industry comes again. From September 21st to 23rd, the 24th China Mining Conference and Exhibition (CHINA MINING 2022) with the theme of "Sustainable Mining for Sustainable Economic Growth" will be held online.

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Mining is the primary impetus behind the world economic growth, and some countries even regard energy and minerals as tools to get rid of the political and economic crisis. At present, the global development process has been hit hard and the momentum of international development cooperation has been weakened, resulting in a bigger gap between Global North and South. Today, the changes of the world, of our times and of history are unfolding in ways like never before. Under the new situation, how the 2022 China Mining Conference and Exhibition will determine the future direction of mining development and better promote Mining Sustainable Development is of particular concern.

"We must not exhaust all the resources passed on to us by previous generations and leave nothing to our children". General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out. Sustainable development is the coordinated development of economic, social, resource and environmental protection. It is not only to achieve the purpose of economic development, but also to protect the natural resources and environment which provide very basis for the human race to survive. Only then can we realize sustainable development for future generations and harmonious coexistence between man and nature. While Mining Sustainable Development is not only the only way for the high-quality development of the mining industry, but also the cornerstone and guarantee for sustainable economic growth. The conference theme "Sustainable Mining, for Sustainable Economic Growth" may suffice to illustrate the importance of mining to economic growth.

Achieving Mining Sustainable Development is the only way to achieve high-quality development of the mining industry.

To achieve Mining Sustainable Development, we must continue to the open up the source and regulate the flow from time to time, improve the mineral resources security capability, and control over our own "Industrial Grain" supply. The uneven distribution of mineral resources in the world determines that no country in the world can entirely depend on its own mineral resources to meet development needs. Thus mining is a global, open and inclusive industry. This requires us to keep an eye on both sides. On the one hand, we must continue to strengthen efforts on domestic mineral exploration and development so as to seek new breakthroughs in geological prospecting as soon as possible and realize the increase of reserves and capacity. Based on this, we must make best use of resources, further strengthen the protection and economical utilization of strategic and critical minerals, and constantly improve the level of comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. On the other hand, it is necessary to fully utilize both domestic and international markets and resources, uphold the principle of "Win-Win Cooperation and Mutual Benefit", and strength the efforts on international mining investment cooperation.

To achieve Mining Sustainable Development, we must fully apply the New Development Philosophy. It requires that green is taken as the "background color", and the mining industry is transferred into a new development model with innovation as the primary engine, coordination as the internal characteristic, green as the universal form, openness as the unavoidable path, and sharing as the fundamental purpose. After more than 10 years of exploration and practice building green mine, China has basically established a green mining development dynamic. A large number of Chinese Green Mine construction programs that can be copied and promoted to other countries have been formed. In the process of "Going Global", many Chinese enterprises have brought China's green mine construction experience abroad, improving their relations with the local area, resulting in a good international profile. It is undeniable that at present, the ecological environment in some parts of the world is still relatively fragile. There is still a contradiction between mining development and ecological environmental protection, and therefore a weak mining sustainable development ability. It requires us to remain steadfast in our commitment to Green Mines construction in the process of "Going Global", and continue to improve Mining Sustainable Development ability base on Chinese approaches and knowledge.

To achieve Mining Sustainable Development, we must strengthen the supply of primary minerals products, accelerate the creation of a New Development Dynamic, and consolidate the basis for economic growth. Energy, minerals and other primary products are the most basic part of the entire economy. As a result, the capacity and level of the primary products supply security directly determine the quality, resilience and shock resistance, and even the realization of high-level self-reliance and self-improvement objectives will be affected. With the development of the global economy, the improvement of the people's living standard, and the optimization of the energy structure, the global demand for most primary products will grow constantly. We must follow the principle that "Inclusive growth for all", adhere to consultation, co-construction and sharing, strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the global mining. We can start from resources, transportation, circulation and other links to contribute to the entire global mining industry chain with a variety of measures.

"Development is the key to various problems and people's happiness." In his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum held on June 22nd, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward a 4-point proposition which helped to grasp the trend of the times and create a bright future. One of 4-point proposition that "We must watch out for each other and jointly promote global sustainable development", not only points out the direction for the Global Common Development but the prospect for the global mining and economy sustainable development.

As an ancient Chinese poem says, "The water's wide at the full tide, A sail with ease hangs in soft breeze". Only by jointly building a community of global mining development, enhancing the security and guarantee capabilities of global mineral resources, and improving the sustainable development level of the global mining industry can we achieve a sustainable growth in the global economy and open up broader prospects for the common development. (By the Commentator of China Mining News )