Opening Ceremony of CHINA MINING 2019

TIANJIN, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- China will further open up its mining sector and improve its business environment to offer a level playing field for all market entities at home and abroad, said an official with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

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China will push forward the orderly opening-up of its oil and gas exploration and exploitation market, and optimize its administrative examination and approval system for mineral resources, said Ling Yueming, vice minister of natural resources, at the ongoing China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2019 held in northern China's Tianjin Municipality.

The country also mulls revising its Mineral Resources Law to promote the transfer of mining rights through open competition and to better protect the lawful rights and interests of mining right holders, Ling said.

He added that China has continued to strengthen the ecological restoration of mines and promote the use of advanced technologies to better protect environment and conserve resources.

This year's China Mining Conference and Exhibition opened Wednesday in Tianjin and will last until Friday. It has attracted government officials, experts and representatives of mining enterprises and financial institutions from over 50 countries and regions.


China Mining Conference and Exhibition (CHINA MINING) is officially supported by Ministry of Natural Resources China. Since first held in 1999, CHINA MINING has become one of the world’s top mining events and one of the world’s largest mining exploration, development and trading platforms, covering all aspects of the whole mining industry chain, including survey and evaluation, exploration and mining, techniques and equipment, investment and finance, trade and services, etc., playing an active promotion role in creating exchange opportunities and enhancing mutual cooperation between domestic and foreign mining enterprises.

China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2019 was held at Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center of Tianjin China on October 9-11, 2019. For more information about CHINA MINING, please visit: