Sharing Development Opportunities and Boosting International Mining Cooperation

——Interview with VIPs on CHINA MINING 2018

 “I hope Chinese companies can visit Argentina.”

“Without exception, CHINA MINING of each year has promoted important cooperation between Argentina and Chinese mining companies. Last year, Argentina brought 6 copper projects to the conference. And this year we brought 20, including those of gold, silver and lithium mines.“

the Hon. Ms. Carolina Sánchez, National Mining Secretary of Ministry of Production of Argentine Republic said in an exclusive interview with our reporter: "I hopes to learn development experiences from Tianjin, a city left a very good impression on me, in industry and logistics, strengthen the exchanges between the two sides in science and technology and academics, and find new opportunities for the sustainable development of the mining industry."

Dressed in a black coat, she wore an eye-catching brooch with designs of national flags of the two countries on her chest. "I wore it every day recently," She smiled and said to reporter, "Despite the long distance between Argentina and China, they started commercial intercourse long ago. China is Argentina's fourth largest export destination and the third largest source of imports. The two countries have strong economic complementarities and great potentials for trade and investment cooperation, especially in the fields of mining and energy.

chinamining 2018

The Hon. Ms. Carolina Sánchez, National Mining Secretary, Ministry of Production of Argentine Republic

This time, Argentina would specially hold an investment and financing road show in CHINA MINING. Carolina Sánchez said, "I especially want to invite Chinese companies to visit Argentina and the learn its abundant natural resources. We possess both metal and non-metallic minerals. And I believe that there will be greater demand for non-metallic minerals in the future on accounts of the advancement of science and technology and industrial transformation, and especially the rapid development of high and new technology."

“The relationship between China and Africa became closer, so was their cooperation in mining industry.”

“I have been visiting Tianjin for 10 consecutive years for attending CHINA MINING. There were always new changes every year. This year, there were particularly large number of participants from African countries,” Song Xin, chairman of China National Gold Group Corporation, said in an interview with our reporter at CHINA MINING “The relationship between China and Africa became closer, so was their cooperation in mining industry. Just now, some mining ministers from African countries have visited our booth to learn about our overseas strategic vision.” 

This year, numerous mining companies at home and abroad gravitated to CHINA MINING, and sought cooperation opportunities through demonstrating their products in Exhibition. In front of the booth of China National Gold Group in the main exhibition hall, various gold ore and copper ore exhibits attracted many visitors to stop and take photos.

“As a leading company in China's mining development, China National Gold Group Corporation has been actively seeking opportunities for overseas development. After “the Belt and Road” initiative, Chinese mining companies have been accelerating the step of “going globally”. Now our company has established a Copper mine in Congo (Brazzaville), had a project to be completed and put into production immediately in Kyrgyzstan, and just got a gold mine project in Russia,” Song Xin said, “CHINA MINING, a platform for the exchange of mining information, gathered mining ministers and mining companies from various countries to conduct multi-faceted exchanges and negotiations, which would definitely boost international mining cooperation."

chinamining 2018

Song Xin, Chairman of China National Gold Group Corporation


“The two countries deepened cooperation and drew a complete map of the national geological structure”

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, the Hon. Johnson Tucker, Minister of Mines of Papua New Guinea, said that China has a lot of experiences in mining development technology and innovation that were available to be shared with other countries. “In the past few years, Papua New Guinea and China have cooperated in geological exploration, mapping and catalog. With China’s help, we drew the complete map of national geological structure and established a geological database. In the future, we hope to further our cooperation with China in this field.”

He also said that, as a fast-growing economy entity with its economic volume, population and market ranking high in the world, China played an important role in the global economy. Besides, as the largest and most populous country in the Pacific island countries, Papua New Guinea boasted abundant natural resources and was a safe place for mining investment. The two countries conducted many cooperation projects in the mining industry.“Now there are two large mines in our country which are jointly operated by Chinese companies. China has offered technologies and innovative ways to help us solve the environmental problem of the production of sodium cyanide in mining production polluting rivers, "John Tucker said, "At present, we obtained the main achievement of the digital application in geological science, mining technology and real-time data analysis, but by far our geological science mapping was of poor quality. So we hope Chinese will continue its support in this area. In addition, some Chinese companies introduced the technology and innovation of mining environmental protection to us at CHINA MINING. In the future, environmental management in mining will also be an important direction for mining cooperation between the two countries."

chinamining 2018

The Hon. Johnson Tuke,Minister of Mines of Papua New Guinea

“We are optimistic about Chinese market and look forward to cooperating with Tianjin”

As the host city of CHINA MINING, a major annual event for the global mining industry, Tianjin drew worldwide attention. This year, the Hon. Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Energy, Minerals and Sustainable Development of Morocco, brought featured minerals of this country for the purpose of seeking partners. In an exclusive interview with our reporter, he said, “We are optimistic about Chinese market and look forward to cooperating with Tianjin.”

As a new face for Tianjin, he was pretty busy. During the two days in Tianjin, he made speeches in Forums of CHINA MINING and conducted on-site visits. “CHINA MINING, the world's largest event for mineral exploration, development and trading, provides a rare platform for cooperation between China and countries like Morocco. Besides, located in the northwestern part of Africa, Morocco is the hub connecting Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and possesses rich mineral resources. We hope to take this opportunity to learn the latest mineral technologies and promote the development of the Moroccan mining industry." He added, "In recent years, with the implementation of a number of aid projects in Moroccan geological survey, China and Morocco have developed good cooperation in the mining industry. Tianjin Institute of Geological Survey has completed the aid project of 1:100,000 geochemical survey in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This time, we will visit and inspect Tianjin and contact with local government to seek deeper and broader cooperation in mining and other related fields.

chinamining 2018

The Hon. Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Energy, Minerals and Sustainable Development of Morocco

“We initiated communication with multiple companies for negotiating investments.”

“We attached great importance to cooperation with China. During my half-year career as Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, I have issued mining licenses for many Chinese companies, including those of gold, diamonds, iron ore,” the Hon. Morie Komba Manyeh, Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources of Sierra Leone, said in an exclusive interview with our reporter, "On the first day of CHINA MINING, many Chinese companies have expressed interest in Sierra Leone's mineral investment and we have started further communication and negotiation.”

“The annual mining event held in Tianjin has played a crucial role in the mining cooperation between China and Sierra Leone. Through the platform it provided, Sierra Leone has been assisted by China in geological exploration, mining training, research and development, etc. During CHINA MINING, we will sign a cooperation memorandum of understanding with the Chinese mining department to boost investment from both sides. In addition, China and Sierra Leone have cooperated in many other fields in recent years. The two sides have many cooperation opportunities in the short- and medium-term cooperation, for there are many mining companies and world-leading projects in Tianjin. We will further communicate and negotiate with relevant Chinese enterprises and investors to further broaden and deepen cooperation, benefit the two peoples and achieve mutual benefit as well as win-win results,” he said. (Writer/reporter Chen Fan) (Translated by TLRHVC)

chinamining 2018

The Hon. Morie Komba Manyeh, Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources of Sierra Leone


Since first held in 1999, the scope and influence of CHINA MINING has grown rapidly year by year.  As a global mining summit forum and exhibition, CHINA MINING Congress and Expo has become one of the world’s top mining events, and one of the world’s largest mining exploration, development and trading platforms, covering all aspects of the whole mining industry chain, including geological survey, exploration and development, mining rights trading, mining investment and financing, smelting and processing, mining techniques and equipment, mining services, etc. playing an active promotion role in creating exchange opportunities and enhancing mutual cooperation between domestic and foreign mining enterprises.

CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2018 Was held at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin in October 18-20, 2018. We invite you to join the event and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CHINA MINING with us. For more information about CHINA MINING 2018, please visit: