Welcome to CHINA MINING 2018

I. Brief introduction to CHINA MINING 2018

The CHINA MINING 2018 (the 20th) will be held in Meijiang Convention Centre, Tianjin, from October 18-20th , 2018.


19 years since the beginning of CHINA MINING, CHINA MINING has become one of the globally recognized events in mining sector. CHINA MINING 2018, the first time hosted independently by China Mining Association (CMA), will provide the participants from all over the world with updated information, links, and insights. The event is strongly supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China and the Tianjin City.

CMA and the Organizing Committee collected suggestions from mining sector domestically and internationally, and reached consensus in the theme: “ New Pattern of Opening, New model for cooperation” , which reflect the new trend, new philosophy and new experiences in global mining sector in the context of the “one belt and one road” initiatives.

The 2018 CHINA MINING follows the basic pattern of the previous events, and has added new elements to the activities, in response to the market and economic and societal development, which will hopefully meet the ever-rising demand from the participants.

The framework of 2018 CHINA MINING is shown as bellow:

The Welcome Cocktail will be held in the evening of October 17, free of charge to all of the registered participants.

The short opening ceremony (8:30, October 18th ) will be attended by officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources, which will be followed by the Keynote forum.

The keynote forum will be chaired by official from the Ministry of Natural Resources, and 5 keynote speakers are invited to deliver speech in the forum, sharing with the audience about their views and experiences on global mining industry, and Chinese model.

In the 10 high-level forums we have invited ministers, experts and company people to share with the audience their views about global mining industry, from reviews to outlook.

50 specific forums consist of 6 sections: policies and legislations, market and situation, green-mining, technology and equipment, and project presentation. Newly designed forums include aggregates and dimension stones, which have been warmly welcome by the market.

II. Reasons to participate CHINA MINING 2018

1. For valuable information and opportunities. For investors, they could be well informed with project opportunities. Project presentations will be one of the highlights of the conference, which provide the exhibitors with opportunity to show attractiveness of their projects, which will be helpful for them to find potential partners who may be interested in their projects. Many government agencies from various countries will present their projects.

2. Financing. For owners of properties, it is essential to find money . CHINA MINING 2018 is trying hard to attract more investors to the event. The presentations will be helpful , which will attract the eyes of the audience, leading more investors to visit the project booths. In recent years, it has been widely recognized that cooperation between Chinese and international companies to make investment in the third country will be a practical model for international cooperation in mining.

3. Job-hunting. Green mining and green exploration have created new markets for geologists. Geologists can find their potential jobs and partners here. Exchange of reform and innovation experiences among geologists, as long as information from the industry will no doubt shed some lights on the strategic planning of geosciences.

4. Bridging the gap between science and industry. Science and industry, where do they meet? This is a global issue cared about by mining sector. Research has to be part of mineral exploration and development, research achievements have to be applied to mining industry. CHINA MINING 2018 for the first time designed geosciences session, which has invited well-known geoscientist to share with the audience their views about outlook of geosciences and some key issues in geosciences, especially those associated with mineral exploration.

5. Understanding the current situation and future development trend of mining industry.  For mining-related agencies or companies, CHINA MINING 2018 is like an information center where they can get informed of the updated views and news. Discussions with professionals will no doubt get better understanding of the global mining market, the industry and much more. Professional commodity market analysis will provide the participants with unbiased information and judgment. CHINA MINING 2018 will also be helpful for officials in the fields of mineral resource management, or governess of markets. It is the window for peering the market, the industry, to get feedback from the industry. With the ever increasing care about eco-environment issues, mining has become one of the focuses of society. The event will inform the participants with successful experiences of sustainable development of mining, by interaction with other industries, local governments and local community, which will make mining a updated industry with new perspectives in society.

6. A platform to discuss policies and legislations. A series of policy and legislation forums have been arranged, which will cover large area of issues in mining industry. Experts and officials from various countries will share with the audience with their opinions on legislation issues. Their practices will shed light on improvement of legislation system in mining sector globally. Green mining is overwhelming in the industry, and management of mining industry has to be improved in this context. International exchanged, therefore, will be of great significance.

7. First rate social event. CHINA MINING is also designed to be an international social event, which means we are working hard to create an atmosphere suitable for social activities. Our goal is to make CHINA MINING a replaceable event in global mining sector, where the participant can meet distinguished guests, meet with old friends and know new friends. The welcome cocktail in the evening of October 17 is an event should not be missed. The cocktail is free of charge for all registered participants, so it is a gathering of global mining industry, where people can chat, getting to know each other, while enjoying drinks and tasty local food.

8. Endless event and boundless platform. The CHINA MINING is held once a year, for only three days. Running of relevant services, however, last the whole year. CHINA MINING Association is building a service system that can provide long term service to customers globally, which include information service, coordination, match-making, etc. Once get registered in CHINA MINING, the participant become CMA’s customer, and can enjoy service ever since. In response to the requests from some foreign governments and their Embassies to Beijing, CMA is going to organize post-CHINA MINING activities so that the participant can meet with their potential patterners and discuss in more detail.

We keep our promise: our services are not limited to the three day event, we are ready to help you all the time.

See you in CHINA MINING 2018, and any time before or after it!


Since first held in 1999, the scope and influence of CHINA MINING has grown rapidly year by year.  As a global mining summit forum and exhibition, CHINA MINING Congress and Expo has become one of the world’s top mining events, and one of the world’s largest mining exploration, development and trading platforms, covering all aspects of the whole mining industry chain, including geological survey, exploration and development, mining rights trading, mining investment and financing, smelting and processing, mining techniques and equipment, mining services, etc. playing an active promotion role in creating exchange opportunities and enhancing mutual cooperation between domestic and foreign mining enterprises.

CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2018 will be held at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin in October 18-20, 2018. We invite you to join the event and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CHINA MINING with us. For more information about CHINA MINING 2018, please visit: www.chinaminingtj.org.