The visit of the Chinese Delegation to Africa will be bound to get a win-win result

The visit of the Chinese Delegation to Africa will be bound to get a win-win result
Source: Website of the Ministry of land and Resources   Citation: Website of the Ministry of land and Resources    Date: Feb 20, 2012

The first handshake between the Chinese Mining and the Mining Indaba did not happen in the meaningful year of 2012. In 2007, Sun Wensheng, the then Minister of Land and Resources, participated in the Mining Indaba during his visit to South Africa. And China has also participated in the event in 2008, 2010 and 2011, and at the events, the Chinese delegates made simple demonstrations and introduced the conditions about China and its minerals. Members who have participated in the previous events still remember the passion and special concern encountered at the venue.
In 2012, when the global economic prospect is still unclear, the mining community is still watching, and their main targets are in Asia and Africa. On such an occasion, the Chinese delegation’s approaching Africa for point-to-point contact and communication will surely be mutually beneficial and result in a win-win result.
China has long friendship with African countries, so there have been no handicap at the beginning of the cooperation, however, preparations must be made for communications. According to the original plan, the Chinese delegation is participating in the Mining Indaba for the following objectives: One is to know about the trend of global mining, including various information about mining development, visiting booths of different governments and companies, communication with people of the international mining community, especially those from African countries; and the other is to promote the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2012. The Chinese delegation made 1 speech and held 3 talks with the 2 days of valid period. On the evening of Feb 8, through negotiation, Chen Yong, Head of the delegation of the Ministry of Land and Resources of China made a speech at the Cocktail for Mining of the Year of Dragon held by Beijing Axis. The cocktail, held at a private art museum in South Africa, attracted about 200 attendants, who, according to the convention, held the cups as listened carefully to Chen Yong’s introduction about China’s policies on geological prospecting and mineral development management. Upon completion, many people were eager to consult and exchange name cards with members of the Chinese delegation, asking for taking photos with them.
The three talks include the talk between the Chinese delegation and Gerard Graham, Executive Chairman of the Council for Geoscience, South Africa; the talk among the Chinese delegation and Mavcole, director of the International Cooperation Department of the South African Minister of Mineral Resources and manager of the Mineral Department of the Pogun Company; and the talk among delegates of the Ministry of Land and Resources of China, representatives of the Organizing Committee of the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, and vice president Moleand Sales Director Norseof the Organizing Committee of the Mining Indaba. And the last talk centered on the theme of the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2012 to be held in this November.
The CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, born at the end of October, 1999, is several years younger that the Mining Indaba, however, after 14 years of development, it has been a brand of international mining conferences thanks to the economic rise of China. The 2012 CHINA MINING Congress & Expo will be held at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center during November 4 and 6, 2012.

There were actually 2 delegates of the Chinese government to the venue of the Mining Indaba, one was the delegation of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the other was the Tianjin Delegation representing the Organizing Committee of the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo. The main task of the latter was to promote the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo to the whole world. However, they felt stimulated once entering the venue.
At the elevator lobby, a striking slogan was seen at the most conspicuous location: Welcome to the “Indaba in Asia” (the Asian Forum of the Mining Indaba) in Singapore during Oct 29-31, 2012. It is obvious that the company hosting the Mining Indaba has noticed the potential value of Asia and they also "keep pace with the times". This event is only 2 days from the CHINA MINING 2012, and it is inevitable that the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo will face strong international challengers.   On the morning of Feb 8, the two heads of the two Chinese delegates, Chen Yong, Assistant Inspector of the Department of International Corporation, Science & Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, and Lu Hong from the Guangzhou Municipal Land and Resources and Housing Administrative Bureau, respectively on behalf of the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Organizing Committee of the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, made an appointment to meet Vice President Mole and Sales Director Norse of the Organizing Committee of the Mining Indaba. The meeting was planned to last half an hour, but it finally lasted for more than one hour. Both parties introduced the 2 events and information about the organizing committees, and, on the basis of mutual communication and understanding, they reached a consensus on cooperation as follows: it is agreed to establish strategic partnership between the Mining Indaba and the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, it is agreed that the Indaba in Asia and the CHINA MINING Congress & Expo will cooperate with each other and be engaged in mutual promotion.(By Zhao Fan)

About CHINA MINING Since first held in 1999, the scope and influence of CHINA MINING has grown rapidly year by year. As a global mining summit forum and exhibition, CHINA MINING Congress and Expo has become one of the world’s top mining events, and one of the world’s largest mining exploration, development and trading platforms, covering all aspects of the whole mining industry chain, including geological survey, exploration and development, mining rights trading, mining investment and financing, smelting and processing, mining techniques and equipment, mining services, etc. playing an active promotion role in creating exchange opportunities and enhancing mutual cooperation between domestic and foreign mining enterprises.

CHING MINING Congress and Expo 2011 attracted over 5000 delegates, exhibitors and visitors from 55 countries and regions, increasing by over 650 people as compared to the last session. There were 382 domestic and foreign exhibitors, increasing by 38% as compared to the last year. The exhibition area amounted to 25000 square meters, more than doubling that of the previous session, with 1,050 standard booths, increasing by 65% compared to the previous session. There were a total of 23 forums and 7 projects shows held with 425 promotion and negotiation projects introduced by the congress, increasing by 32.8% as compared to last year. At the project signing ceremony, 55 projects were signed, amounting to RMB15.7 billion, increasing by RMB 4 billion and by 34% as compared to the previous year. More than 40 foreign VIPs including 23 mining ministers and vice ministers as well as ambassadors in China from 18 countries and regions such as Australia, Canada, South Africa, Angola, etc. attended this session of the congress. Meanwhile, the congress attracted more than 100 medias and over 200 journalists from home and abroad to cover the congress. In terms of number of delegates and scale of exhibitors and booths, the CM2011 all topped the previous sessions, ranking the world’s premier mining congress and expo..

CHINA MINING Congress and Expo 2012 will be held at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin on November 3rd-6th, 2012 (Expo will be opened on 3rd pm Nov., 2012). We invite you to join the event and to celebrate the 14th anniversary of CHINA MINING with us.  For more information about CHINA MINING 2012, please