Tianjin Tourism / Geological Site Visit

Tianjin, as one of the four municipalities directly under the central government, is located in the Coast of Bohai Sea and near the capital Beijing. With the rich historical and cultural relics, beautiful natural scenery, it has been the economics and culture center in north of China all the time.

In recent years, Tianjin municipal people’s government develops the traveling resources intensively, especially in the restoration and reappearance of humanities and historical sites of noble figures in late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China and concessions. The various landscapes enhance each other`s beauty and embody “the combination of Chinese and Western culture; the alliance of ancient and modern culture” of Tianjin’s culture. Those make Tianjin become the famous tourism city. “Look at Modern China from Tianjin” and “Look at 100 years history of China from glorious Tianjin” have become the characteristics of Tianjin tourism and gain the wide acknowledgment of visitors from home and abroad.

The Organizing Committee of China Mining particularly provides you to choose with the classic traveling routes as follows:

1. One-Day Tour in Binhai New Area of Tianjin

Airbus (visiting the manufacturing in the large aircraft factory), the Kiev carrier (Boarding the carrier to visit) and Tanggu foreign commodities market (the earliest imported goods market in China).

Price: RMB 420/person (including lunch)


2. One-day Tour in Ji County

Dule Temple (built in more than one thousand years ago, in Sui Dynasty), the National Geological Park and Museum of Ji County (Ji County Middle-Upper Proterozoic Geology Natural Reserve Area ), Eastern Mausoleum of Qing Dynasty (the biggest imperial mausoleum --- burying the most famous kings and queens in Qing Dynasty, including the mausoleum of Shunzhi, Kangxi, Qianlong and Empress Dowager Cixi. Allow to enter the underground palace).

Price: RMB 560/person (including lunch)


3. One-Day Tour of Culture Representations in Tianjin

Mr. Shi’s House (One of “Eight House” in Tianjin, the most biggest residence in North China), Mr. Huo Yuanjia Former Residence (review the stories in the martial arts circles and appreciate the charms of hero), Have a tour and lunch on the Tianjin Food Street (experience the Tianjin flavor snacks culture), the Ancient Culture Street (various interesting souvenirs), Mr. Liang Qichao Former Residence (memorize the earliest reformation pioneers in China), the Italian Custom Street (The concession buildings with the history of over 100 years showed in good condition the style athe earliest open port of Tianjin).

Price: RMB 300/person (including lunch)


4.One-Day Tour of Tianjin Downtown:

A carriage tour on the Five Major Streets (cruising between the small building let you suddenly back to the past), the Porcelain House (precious ancient china plaques with unique styles), Jing Garden (the former residence where the last emperor lived in Tianjin for 8 years after leaving the Summer Palace), the Culture Center/Museum (the new-established culture plaza and exhibiting treasures in the museum will widen your views) and the Drum- Tower (a good place for optionally buying unique souvenirs).

Price: RMB 310/person (including lunch)


5.Night Tour on the Tianjin Haihe River:

Take a night cruise on the Haihe River by boat (The colourful night view of Haihe river’s both sides is as beautiful as scenery of the Seine river), Then go sightseeing the Italian Custom Street (The bar street in the lights is boisterous, which makes you feel like in Europe).

Price: RMB 260/person


1. The above price is made by at least 10 persons in group, separately quoted if a group below 10 persons.

2. Should you need other travel routes and services, please feel free to contact us. We can provide special tourism products according to your request.

3. We can also offer you the tourism services which set off from Tianjin to other domestic provinces and cities.

Besides, we can also provide the following services:

1. Booking the domestic or international return tickets of airline or train from Tianjin or Beijing.

2. Car rental (various models).

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