Tianjin Celebrity Teahouse

  Tianjin Celebrity Teahouse, the first of its kind in the city, boasts traditional folk custom features and holds folk performances. Built in 1991, the Teahouse is located at the downtown area with a flavor of simplicity and elegance, showcasing distinctive features of Tianjin. Inside the Teahouse is a thrust stage with a round proscenium opening. Traditional handicrafts and local flavors are exhibited for sale. The Teahouse operates three branches, namely the Xinhua Road Branch, Ancient Culture Street Branch and Jinwan Plaza Branch.

Tianjin Theater Museum

   Tianjin Theater Museum is housed in the Guangdong Guild Hall which was built in 1903. The Guangdong Guild Hall is one of the best-preserved ones following the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty. Its main body features a classical theatrical stage, whose spacious space, daedal design and delicate decoration make it an architecture treasure. Famous artists like Mei Lanfang and Shang Xiaoyun once staged performances here.

Tianjin Cultural Center

  Covering one million square meters, Tianjin Cultural Center is by far the largest public culture construction in Tianjin and comprises Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Art Gallery, Tianjin Library, Tianjin Grand Theater, Sunshine Park, and Civic Square which are equipped with metro lines and supporting facilities. After two-year construction, it was opened to public on May 19th, 2012.

Shibajie Fried Dough Twister

   The century-old Shibajie Fried Dough Twister, taking its name from the former Shibajie (No. 18 Street) where its store was once located, is the most authentic of its kind, thereby being hailed as the “Three Distinctive Snacks of Tianjin” together with Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun and Erduoyan Fried Rice Cake.


  Goubuli (Steamed Stuffed Bun) was initiated in 1858 by Gao Guiyou. Born into a rural family in Wuqing County, Gao was given a childhood name “Gouzi”, which literally meant “baby dog”, in a humble and sincere hope that he would grow up safe and sound. At the age of 14, Gouzi apprenticed in a bun shop in Tianjin and mastered related skills. Then he opened a shop that sold his unique steamed stuffed buns with juicy filling and half-leavened dough wrappers. Soon enough, his buns, palatable and shapely, sold well far and close and kept him busy with no time left for chitchat. Seeing this, his neighbors made up a joke and nicknamed him “Goubuli”, literally “Gouzi sells buns and ignores people”. Later, his buns were also called Goubuli.

Cultural Tour: “Look at Modern China in Tianjin”

  Tianjin was one of the first cities that got in touch with Western civilizations in modern times. Many foreign style buildings, especially those in Wudadao, have been built and preserved since Tianjin was opened as a treaty port in 1860. It was the “political backyard” of Beijing and home to the presidents and premiers of the Republic of China (1912-1949) and some forerunners of revolution. Each residence of celebrity carries a history and a story about modern China, which forms a tourism brand of “Look at Modern China in Tianjin”.

Tianjin Tourism: a Quick Overview

  Tianjin, one of China`s directly-controlled municipalities and the biggest open coastal city in North China, is a famous historical and cultural city among the first batch of China`s excellent tourism cities. Tianjin borders the capital city—Beijing, is bounded to the east by the Bohai Sea and to the north by the Yanshan mountain range. It boasts rich tourism resources including not only extensive physical resources like mountains, rivers, lakes, wetlands and spring ponds, but also unique human resources which epitomize the century-long history of modern China and the integration of Chinese and western culture.

Tianjin aviation and aerospace industry takes shape

  The industry posted a 39.6% rise in the first two month of 2012, following a 33.8% growth and a CNY 22.77 billion industrial output in 2011. An aviation and aerospace industrial system of “three aircrafts, one rocket, one satellite and one station” (large aircraft, helicopter, drone aircraft, launch vehicle, direct broadcast satellite and space station) has been established. The total economic output of the industry is expected to be CNY 100 billion by 2015, including CNY 20 billion from related services such as air traffic control, leasing, logistics, training and business services.

Tianjin Binhai New Area wages all-out war for “10 Major Projects”

The campaign to develop the Tianjin Binhai New Area was detailed into “10 Major Projects”, which include Nan’gang Area, Tianjin Port Economic Area, Core Urban Area, Central Business District, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, Binhai Tourism Area, Bestown Economic Zone, Western Area, and Tianjin Marine Economic Zone. The “10 Major Projects” cover an area of 2 270 km2 with a total investment of CNY 1.5 trillion in function area development, industrial structure enhancement, social affairs development, ecological environment and standard of living, etc.

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